A Course in Miracles: The Most Powerful Book on the Planet

A Course in Miracles: The Most Powerful Book on the Planet

a course in miracles

Notice how my copy of A Course in Miracles even has its own halo? It’s that powerful.

Why have I been reading, studying, and teaching this book A Course in Miracles for the past seven years while every other book in my life went by the wayside? Because it’s that powerful.

A Course in Miracles is cryptic and sometimes you want to throw the fucking book against the wall because it’s so true, but it sets you free.

Those of you who have been following this blog know that I have been celibate for a long time, almost five years. Well, on the celibacy front, let’s just say that I’m in serious trouble. But in a very good way. ;-) This God sense of humor thing really has no limits. But then again… that’s the point He’s trying to teach us, right? That we are unlimited.

I had a beautiful night. Sending you all peace and love. G’nite. I leave you with this beautiful excerpt from this amazing book A Course in Miracles:

“Your mind will elect to join with mine, and together we are invincible. You and your brother will yet come together in my name, and your sanity will be restored. I raised the dead by knowing that life is an eternal attribute of everything that the living God created. Why do you believe it is harder for me to inspire the dis-spirited or to stabilize the unstable? I do not believe that there is an order of difficulty in miracles; you do. I have called and you will answer. I understand that miracles are natural, because they are expressions of love. My calling you is as natural as your answer, and as inevitable.”

A Course in Miracles


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  1. Thank you for your insights into the transformative potential of truly following the path laid out in “A Course in Miracles.” I have studied it, both in groups and solo, for nearly 20 years. And I have tried to follow its teachings by opening my mind to the nudging of Spirit and the constant for unconditional acceptance of others and myself. It continues to be both daunting and inspiring and transformative.

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