111 Days of Love – Day 5 – The Power and the Pain of Responsibility

power and pain of responsibilityToday is Day 5 of 111 Days of Love … and we are going to keep it short this blessed day.

The ego has been attempting to “have its way” with us, ever since I announced on September 1 that I would be moving forward with sharing this knowledge with the world.

Each day that I have shared with you a blog post, the ego has created “problems” for us. Harvey the Cat was very stable for 16 days before September 1, and for much of that time he was not on any medications, either.

Now it seems there is a new crisis every day. Heat wave, panic attacks where Harvey the Cat’s breathing temporarily spins out of control, and tonight, repetitive vomiting.

We will get into the big topic of WORTHINESS later in the 111 Days of Love. It would seem that I – like many people – am not yet feeling fully worthy of my function of saving the world.

Yes, I must admit that I have not really come to terms with the intuitions I am receiving about how big my purpose is. Everyone has a big purpose, and we can procrastinate a very long time before we finally accept our purpose.

Today brings into high focus one of the principles of Love for which we all ultimately become grateful. That principle of Love is that we are fully responsible for the world we see, every detail of it.

Taking full responsibility is the number one foundational principle of my life-changing 15-Week Miracle Coaching Program.

Taking full responsibility feels wonderful on those days when we are manifesting exactly what we want and feeling a lot of joy.

Taking full responsibility is not always so fun on the days when your cat is spewing piles of vomit all over the carpet for the third time this evening. Taking full responsibility is not always so fun when your cat is breathing 135 breaths per minute in an emergency hospital.

And yet, where else could liberation possibly be? How could an all-Loving God leave us at the “mercy” of a world we cannot control.

Once we accept responsibility, there becomes one mission and one mission only.

How the fuck do I get myself out of this mess? :D

How do I change my mind so that my projection of the world is always a happy dream instead of a nightmare?

And that, ultimately, is what 111 Days of Love – and everything I teach – is all about.

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