Have You Ever Wanted to Get Rid of Your Social Anxiety? Now You Can Easily Get Rid of Social Fear

To celebrate kicking off a magical weekend (I’m really excited :) ) … what better way than with a testimonial about getting rid of your social anxiety. Have you ever wanted to get rid of your social anxiety forever? Then you’ll love this article!

John is a student in my ever-popular 15-week Miracle Coaching Program. He finished his 14th session this week and will do his 15th session next week.

During our time together, we cleared issue after issue after issue for John. Causal connections can never be proved, but — you can call it a coincidence if you like — each issue we tackled got resolved. Including getting him back a huge sum of money that somebody owed him. The person simply would not pay until we tapped about the issue. And then suddenly … they paid him back … haha, it was a sum around $90,000 so talk about the program paying for itself!

The most stubborn issue of all was his social anxiety. In fact, John had told me that he had “accepted” that maybe his hopes were too high for the 15-week Miracle Coaching program, and that he’d still have to tackle social anxiety after we were done.

He had almost given up on getting rid of his social anxiety.

I said, “John, you may have accepted it, but I am still completely determined to have your social anxiety resolved by the end of the 15-Week Miracle Coaching program.” So we dug deeper for emotional roots of the anxiety, and we just kept clearing out baggage.

Today I received this email spontaneously from John, and he gave his permission for me to publish it here (names changed but otherwise unedited):

Hey Erika,

just wanted to give u a quick note while things r fresh in my mind.

yesterday I went out with Matt, and I met his buddy..then two other attractive girls joined us for the night..

so we partied all night and for the first time in a looooooooooooooooong time…everyone really warmed up to me and seemed to genuinely like me and connect with me very easily.

its amazing that just by being genuine, kind and gentle how people open up to you and connect with you.

this is a huuuuuge change..usually I wouldn’t have connected with any of them because I would be trying to act all tough, indifferent, cool etc…

so anyways..just wanted to give u a quick thank you:)

who knew connecting with people was so simple;) lol

u r beyond awesome my magical friend:P
thanks for your help
enjoy ur weekend


Wow, did that make me smile. My heart feels sooo happy hearing that, and knowing that John has been liberated from social anxiety that had plagued him for years. This is why I continue doing this work despite the many challenges and the many critics. Because each spontaneous testimonial like this that I receive confirms that I have indeed found my life purpose here on this planet.

Do you want to get rid of your social anxiety? Check out my 15-Week Miracle Coaching program.

If you’d like to sign up for the 15-week course (serious inquiries ONLY, please), email me at Erika @ ErikaAwakening.com.

Wishing everyone a blessed weekend …

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