Blog naked with Erika Awakening

Blog naked with Erika Awakening. It’s the latest thing.

Something is shifting, and I feel so intrigued about it. As I mentioned a few weeks ago, musing on the question “what is romance, anyway,” I’ve been feeling very romantic.

I’m also feeling very sensual. Lately I have been hanging out naked, cooking naked, really feeling my body. Just because I feel like it, and not for any health reason, I’ve been cooking more and eating out less. Sleeping a lot, and at strange times of the day. I’ve also been doing yoga and Pilates with personal trainers but I’ll save that for another blog entry. Yes, I’ve even been blogging naked. Yet at the same time, my interest in dating and seduction continues to drop. I don’t seem to be able to stir up any enthusiasm whatsoever for reading about or talking about dating or seduction. None.

That’s not all. Something major shifted in my body this past week. Even my massage therapist noticed it. She said, “something is happening with your skin. It feels so soft and much healthier overall. It feels totally different.” She’s right. And it looks healthier too.

Something is happening. I’ve been craving to eat very little and when I do, I’m eating fruits and vegetables and drinking home-made spa water with lemons, cucumbers, and mint. Guacamole, blueberries, watermelon, mango salsa. I felt drawn to get frozen wheatgrass juice in bulk and drink it with orange juice every day. That never happened before. At the store, I buy almost everything organic and nothing that killed an animal. I’m not on any kind of a diet or regimen, this is just how I feel right now.

Something is happening, and I am sooooo intrigued to see where this is leading … :)


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