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Best Vegan Chili Recipe

Best Vegan Chili Recipe So ... the Great Vegan Debate is over. It's settled. "There is no counter-argument to veganism. Accept it. Apologize for the way you've been living. Make amends and move forward." - Gary Yourofsky Regardless of whether the issue is human health, ending cruelty to animals, or saving our planet from absolute destruction ... humans must stop consuming animal products. There is no real debate. There are only people still living in denial of the truth. It Read More

Sugar, Addiction, and Fake Positive Thinking: Make the Connection

sugar addiction

Sugar Addiction, Fake Positive Thinking, and Your Physical and Spiritual Health "You have chosen Read More

10 Days of Silent Meditation

silent meditation retreat

Oh That Crazy Intuition! Now It Says Go Into 10 Days of Silent Meditation "Words will mean Read More

The Art of Disappearing Bullies and Nuisances


The Art of Disappearing Bullies and Nuisances Last night before I fell asleep, I prayed. I asked Read More

How to Attract Money – After 6 Years of Appeals, Hans Finally Gets $18,000 in Injury Compensation Using My Free Videos

how to attract money

How to Attract Money - Remove the Barriers to A Fair Outcome with My Free EFT Tapping Videos How to Read More

Restorative Circles with Dominic Barter: We Need A Better Way of Resolving Conflicts

Expressing My Grief that We Do Not Have a System of Restorative Justice in Our Read More

Reverse Aging Process Look Younger by Spiritual Means

reverse aging process look younger

Is It Possible to Reverse Aging Process by Spiritual Methods? Surprising Ways to Look Read More