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Art of seduction: How to contain and penetrate your woman

Years ago, when I was fully immersed in understanding the art of seduction, I wrote a blog article that was very popular entitled "We want to be seduced." That "we want to be seduced" article felt true at the time, yet it was incomplete. I left out something that was very important. Unfortunately, without that missing piece of the puzzle, relationships and seduction can quickly turn to pain instead of joy for a woman. So it took some years sorting out what was missing from my model of Read More

The Return of Tantric Dating

erika awakening tantric dating

Moving Deeper Into Presence and Connection with Tantric Dating Let me ask you a question ... how Read More

Magnolia, My Magnolia

something I wrote a long, long time ago ... Magnolia, My Magnolia Then they no longer huddled. Read More

The cave you fear to enter …

petra jordan

... holds the treasure you seek. But don't kid yourself. The ego guards the cave with demons and Read More

The importance of consistency for scheduling coaching sessions


Today we are answering another client question, this time about the perfect timing of private Read More

Products vs. coaching – Am I wasting my time and money doing both?

Today we are answering a question posted by Hans on the Forum (you can read his post here): Hi Read More

10 Ways to Piss Off Your Coach and Pay More for Coaching

world peace with Erika Awakening

10 Ways to Piss Off Your Coach and Pay A Higher Rate for Coaching Let's not beat around the bush Read More