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Ex-Vegan Vegan No More and My Health Is Improving – yay :)

How Much Better I Am Feeling Now that I Am No Longer Vegan Given the huge controversy that exploded out of my articles about being no longer vegan ... I wanted to share a personal update. Yes, it's too soon to say for sure how this will all evolve. No, I have not reversed all the damage yet that I suffered on a vegan diet. But ... I am feeling better. And many people have remarked that I am looking better too after ending my vegan diet. Less frail, less grey, less gaunt. More color in my Read More

Why the vegan philosophy collapses in a pile of contradictions and hypocrisy

vegan hypocrisy contradictions

Why the vegan philosophy fails as a "social justice movement" Before we get started with this Read More

Alternatives to veganism: Should we reduce consumption of meat and other animal products?

vegan hypocrisy contradictions

If not vegan, how do we get these problems solved? Today I had a practicing vegan ask me some Read More

My break-up with veganism … I’m now an ex-vegan

Health perils of a vegan diet plus ... it's just not working to save the planet - How I became an Read More

Why are vegans so angry? A half-baked theory about Omega 3

angry vegans

Could A Dietary Deficiency Be Driving the Anger of Vegans? So in spite of what I wrote some Read More

How your diet is slowly killing you … and what to do about it to heal your body

eating for health

How to Heal Your Health Yourself with Dietary Changes For over a decade, I've had a horrible skin Read More

Justince stops smoking … Stop smoking by using my free videos :)

stop smoking eft tapping

Stop Smoking with My Free EFT Tapping Videos Are you struggling with some kind of addiction, Read More