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Justince stops smoking … Stop smoking by using my free videos :)

Stop Smoking with My Free EFT Tapping Videos Are you struggling with some kind of addiction, whether it's to food, smoking, sex, video games, Facebook, porn, or anything else? Well, this might be your answer. Remember our friend Hans who manifested $18,000 using my free EFT tapping videos? Yep, that was pretty awesome. And Hans, bless his heart, decided to "pay it forward" by sharing the free EFT tapping videos (you can find the free EFT tapping videos listed here) ... with a Read More

Conquer cravings and get the body you always wanted

conquer cravings

Our Latest Success Story: Ruby Loses 15 Pounds and Conquers Her Cravings! Are you feeling ready to Read More

From broke and helpless to purposeful and having decent money

becoming powerful

It's amazing the results you can get when you stop pretending to be powerless What is the biggest Read More

Best Vegan Pad Thai Recipe

best vegan pad thai recipe

You Will Love This Yummy Vegan Pad Thai Recipe! Mmmmm ... pad thai. It is such a sensual dish, Read More

Best Vegan Chili Recipe

vegan fitness

Best Vegan Chili Recipe So ... the Great Vegan Debate is over. It's settled. "There is no Read More

Sugar, Addiction, and Fake Positive Thinking: Make the Connection

sugar addiction

Sugar Addiction, Fake Positive Thinking, and Your Physical and Spiritual Health "You have chosen Read More

10 Days of Silent Meditation

silent meditation retreat

Oh That Crazy Intuition! Now It Says Go Into 10 Days of Silent Meditation "Words will mean Read More