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Why are vegans so angry? A half-baked theory about Omega 3

Could A Dietary Deficiency Be Driving the Anger of Vegans? So in spite of what I wrote some weeks ago, quoting Gary Yourofsky, that there is "no counter-argument to veganism" ... well, I may have found a counter-argument to veganism. And it may be the secret reason why there are so many angry, aggressive vegans. When I was a kid, my dad would say that he had a "half-baked" idea lol ... letting us know that he had not yet thought the idea all the way through ... so here dedicated to my dad, Read More

How your diet is slowly killing you … and what to do about it to heal your body

eating for health

How to Heal Your Health Yourself with Dietary Changes For over a decade, I've had a horrible skin Read More

Justince stops smoking … Stop smoking by using my free videos :)

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Stop Smoking with My Free EFT Tapping Videos Are you struggling with some kind of addiction, Read More

Conquer cravings and get the body you always wanted

conquer cravings

Our Latest Success Story: Ruby Loses 15 Pounds and Conquers Her Cravings! Are you feeling ready to Read More

From broke and helpless to purposeful and having decent money

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It's amazing the results you can get when you stop pretending to be powerless What is the biggest Read More

Best Vegan Pad Thai Recipe

best vegan pad thai recipe

You Will Love This Yummy Vegan Pad Thai Recipe! Mmmmm ... pad thai. It is such a sensual dish, Read More

Best Vegan Chili Recipe

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Best Vegan Chili Recipe So ... the Great Vegan Debate is over. It's settled. "There is no Read More