You are God incarnate …

Start acting like it :-)

For those who don’t believe in God, I am reminded of something Wayne Dyer said. “It doesn’t matter what you call it. You can call it God, you can call it Dog.” It’s the Divine energy that connects us all to each other.

It doesn’t matter what you call it.

Another excerpt from A Course in Miracles, which is a life-changing book:

The Thought of God surrounds your little kingdom, waiting at the barrier you built, to come in and shine upon the barren ground. See how life springs up everywhere! The desert becomes a garden, green and deep and quiet, offering rest to those who lost their way, and wander in the dust. Give them a place of refuge, prepared by love for them, where once a desert was. And every one you welcome will bring love with him, from Heaven for you. They enter one by one into this holy place, but they will not depart as they had come, alone.

The love they brought with them will stay with them, as it will stay with you. And, under its beneficence, your little garden will expand, and reach out to everyone who thirsts for living water, but has grown too weary to go on alone. Go out and find them, for they bring your Self with them. And lead them gently to your quiet garden, and receive their blessing there. So will it grow, and stretch across the desert, leaving no lonely little kingdoms locked away from love, and leaving you outside. And you will recognize yourself, and see your little garden gently transformed into the Kingdom of Heaven, with all the love of its Creator shining upon it.

The holy instant is your invitation to love, to enter into your bleak and joyless kingdom, and transform it into a garden of peace and welcome. Love’s answer is inevitable. It will come, because you came without the body, and interposed no barriers which would interfere with its glad coming. In the holy instant, you ask of love only what it offers everyone, neither less nor more. Asking for everything, you will receive it. And your shining Self will lift the tiny aspect that you tried to hide from Heaven, straight into Heaven. No part of love calls on the whole in vain. …

You have reached the end of an ancient journey not realizing yet that it is over. You are still worn and tired, and the desert’s dust still seems to cloud your eyes, and keep you sightless. Yet He Whom you welcomed has come to you, and would welcome you. He has waited long to give you this. Receive it now of Him, for He would have you know Him. Only a little wall of dust still stands between you. Blow on it lightly and with happy laughter, and it will fall away. And walk into the garden love has prepared for both of you.


If you’re curious to know some of the steps I took in getting to where I am now, including the coaches and healers who taught me and how I got drawn back to the Course, I created a page at the new website with more details. It is fully my intention to revolutionize the dating and relationship industry with this knowledge.

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