Someone commented on one of my Facebook posts last night, and it prompted me to write this article answering several Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about my “personal” life and my coaching system, Holistic Belief Reprogramming (HBR for short) …

Here are some of the questions that I get a lot:

1. You are a coach, why do you talk about your own life so much? Most coaches seem to keep their private life on the “down low.”

I do this for several reasons:

– Authentic self-expression (radical honesty), which is mostly squelched in our society, is a key component of HBR. I practice it constantly, and I model it for others on my FB. People who start expressing themselves authentically all the time will experience much higher levels of happiness, deeper connections with others, resolution of long-standing conflicts, and greater charisma and magnetism.

– I am continuously in the process of refining HBR. Every time I get a personal breakthrough by using, for example, authentic self-expression, I’ve added yet another tool that I can then share with my clients. Because of this, HBR gets to be a more and more powerful technology every single day. Indeed, everything that I now do for my clients, I first had to learn to do for myself.

– My life is a teaching tool. Because I live so consciously and presently, my daily existence is filled with experiences that are wonderful anecdotes for teaching.

2. Why are you so provocative, are you just an attention whore? (lol :)

– Playful provocation is also an important component of HBR because it prompts the subconscious mind to bring to the surface otherwise suppressed material to be cleared.

– Much of what people perceive as “provocation” is simply me living my life out loud. I am saying out loud what many people wish they could say but suppress in themselves because they think it’s not “appropriate” or it’s “private.” One of the things I tell my clients is that, as they become healed, they will notice that they start living life with far greater TRANSPARENCY and SPONTANEITY, without even thinking about it. Ultimately, there is no longer a distinction between private life and public life, they become one and the same. And this is liberating beyond what many people can even imagine :)

3. If you want people to focus on your coaching, why do you post sexy photographs of yourself?

– Ditto everything I said above about authentic self-expression and provocation

– HBR is very much about expanding our comfort zone. Constantly pushing the edge of “conventional wisdom” is one of the ways of developing increasing congruence and the ability to be comfortable and powerful in any situation. Posting the photographs has definitely been an expansion of my comfort zone and of my willingness to be seen and vulnerable. Plus, it’s very congruent with the articles about seduction that I’ve been posting lately (such as the Vegas Guy series).

– One of my big areas of teaching is seduction/deep connection … if I have discomfort with my own body, I’m not providing a very good model to follow. The idea of HBR always is to turn either/or situations into both/and situations. One bit of conventional wisdom is that “Either people will focus on my mind and what it has to offer, or they will focus on my body and what it has to offer,” so there is a limiting belief that focusing on one detracts from the other. I am in a continuous process of challenging such either/or conventional rules so that I am no longer governed by them. (HBR is a method for systematically exempting yourself from all the old “rules” and the way life “has to be” and creating your own win/win rules. In other words, I do it “my way.” ;) )

4. Okay, I’m intrigued. I sure would like to be living with higher levels of congruence, spontaneity, and authentic self-expression. I’d like to do sessions with you, but I live halfway around the world. What should I do?

No problem! I work with clients all over the world, already, via Skype. Skype has wonderful sound quality, allows both of us to be fully “present” for sessions, eliminates the need for expensive and time-consuming travel costs, and provides free international calling for both of us (saving you money). Sessions are equally effective by Skype as they are in person. Plus, you can do sessions in the comfort of your own home! It’s wonderful :)

To sign up for a session, simply go to my coaching page and choose the discounted intro session option ($197) …

Many of my clients notice that they feel noticeably better about themselves after even just ONE 90-minute session, and some have had major financial breakthroughs after one session (see my previous blog posts) … so NOW is the time to get started :)