When the chips are down …

I feel discouraged today. Like giving up, actually. I feel unappreciated and sad.

My dad sent me this video yesterday. It may not seem to have anything to do with what we talk about here, but then again it really does.

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  1. Aw man, is this cuz of what I said? i felt worried about this. I don't want to be unappreciative. I just start feeling triggered.

    I feel crappy too, down and down.

  2. Alban Fenle says:

    "Whatever form temptation seems to take, it always but reflects a wish to be a self that you are not." (ACIM, Chapter 31)

    We have to deny the denial.

  3. Is this a jackals-and-giraffes thing? Are you mourning some particularly violent communication from the world around you? I'm not going to put words in your mouth (well, not many) but I'd like to say what I think of that video on this contemplative Tuesday morning.

    I'm sure there's meaning in the timing that allowed me to see this video of yours the morning after I

  4. Everything expands and contracts in our lives – all we can try to achieve is to get on a higher base level. Right now you might feel discouraged but deep down I think you know that you are just at the bottom of a wave that will soon go up again.

    Hope this makes sense to you,

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