When sadness feels bottomless …

That’s how I’ve felt for a while now. Like my heart breaks over and over again …

I’m not looking for advice. Advice feels really annoying at times like this. I’m just going to feel it.

Life goes on. I go through my day pretty much like normal, I can still go out and have fun, but when I check in with myself, I feel sadness, betrayal, some anger, some boredom and apathy, a lot of disappointment … but the most honest feeling is pure heartbreak.

Like I was evicted from Heaven, and I don’t ever get to go back home again.

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  1. and….I am doing an experiment with celibacy myself, so not sure on the tantra. I really feel that any experience that's temporary which sex is will eventually cause anything from disappointment…because it sucked….to heart break….because it was amazing, but he didn't want to commit and moved on….sex leads to attachment and the more attachment you have the messier life will be…

  2. Hey Erika…..every belief is limited depending on the level you are speaking. Beliefs by their nature are limited at the deepest level. Again, who has the beliefs anyway? I don't think I said love without pain, I said no pleasure coming from the outside without pain…Love can come from within and that love carries no pain for it is pure and not dependent on anything, in fact its a

  3. hi Patrick,

    Thanks for your comment.

    No love without pain? Someone else said that to me recently. I think it may be a limited belief.

    But ACIM does say no bodily pleasure without pain …

    I'm not sure where that leaves us with sex. Is tantric sex on a whole other level where it's possible to have joy (rather than pleasure) without pain?

  4. I can emphasize with what you are saying here. My question to you is, who is feeling sad? Is it Erika, is it the body, or is it you? Then that begs the question, who are you? The most important thing I have learned on this journey is about the duality of this existence we live in. I know this is something CIM also talks about in great detail. As long as we are seeking pleasure from the

  5. hey Carmela,

    Welcome, and thanks for commenting :-)

    Yeah, I love the Tollester: http://awakeningfromthedream.blogspot.com/2008/11/emulating-tollester-eleven-signs-that.html

    And I am a huge fan of meditation. Holosync pretty much every night (can meditate while sleeping).

  6. I feel very appreciative of the outpouring of support received last night on Facebook … and the suggestion that perhaps my heart is not broken but rather is breaking open :-)

  7. Carmela says:

    I went through a break up not too long ago. I was miserable and had some anxiety too. I then gave my head a shake. Read The Power of Now. It taught me to go forward, be thankful for the relationship and the goodness I got from it and move on. Don't dwell. Be thankful and realize that everything is meant to be. Meditation helped me quite a bit as well. ((Hugs))

  8. "We will all have experiences meant to 'break our hearts'—not in half but wide open." – Don Miguel Ruiz, 'The Voice of Knowledge: A Practical Guide to Inner Peace'

  9. It's Heaven's loss & our gain to have an angel before us. We're all ready & willing to love you right back up.

  10. Anonymous says:

    breaking open….is a beautiful thing even through the tears…and the universe will wipe your wipe your cheeks, om shanti

  11. Anonymous says:

    lol heaven you gotta be kidding me.

    if an angel comes down and says "quick it is time for you to go to heaven"(said like go to hell).

    my heart would be broken!

    excuse me for filling up some time;)

    btw I really dont get this whole good girl act from yours??? hummm maybe you get pride from turning a dude with no girl appeal into a bit more of a

  12. Brandee says:

    No trivial sage advice. I am here for you, that is all I have! Light and Love my friend.

  13. Anonymous says:

    You get what you have created.

    According to your own philosophy, you must be spiritually unhealthy, or otherwise you wouldn't feel the way you currently do.

    So physician, you with all the answers, go forth and heal thyself.

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