We want to be seduced

We Want to Be Seduced

There, I said it. Taboo but true.

Women want to be seduced. Women want to be taken.

We want to surrender to you. We want to be ravished.

We want men to be men and be unapologetic about it.

We want all the judgment removed. We want to be free.

It’s not our bodies that want to be seduced, it’s our hearts and minds.

We want you to merge with us, join with us, be with us.

We want to be known. We want to be discovered.

We want to be seduced.


Postscript: writing this blog entry must have sent a powerful message to the Universe, cuz I just got three of the hottest text messages I have ever received. Substance + sex. Shot lightning through my entire body ;-)

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  1. I wish more women would talk like you. Tell us that you want us to be men, you want us to approach, make moves, and you want us to be aggressive about it. But you know what we hear from most women? Negative social conditioning about how approaching women and revealing your masculine desires is rude and obnoxious. Basically everyone in society except for a select group of weird “puas” are shouting at us and saying “don’t be a man!”

  2. M8kingMoves says:

    I liked this one,..

  3. Dulak, you made my day. Thank you for sharing sweetheart.

  4. This was Brilliant!

    Coming from a woman and with so much meaning and depth and passion.

    I took what you wrote with me along with some other things out to the club this weekend.
    An actual cheet sheet so I could refresh my mind in field.

    To put it bluntly I feel your expression helped keep my mind focused on my FULL expression.

    And because of my efforts I experienced a Full k close along with a Full F close. (its been quite awhile since I experienced this from such a brief encounter)

    So here is to you and reminding us men what woman want.

  5. Doctor No says:

    Excellent post! And incredibly concise and spot on!

    I just found your blog and will read it regularly from now. We need some good female perspectives on this – from females who has insight!

  6. Seduction on its way …

  7. Red Leader says:

    yeah women definitely do…

    but remember, who you are is not your gender, you are behind the form of the body.

    Though that doesn’t mean that sex is a bad thing, we have been created/formed to have sex.

    Form/gender is an expression of the unmanifested so to take full advantage of form is to have great sex with a great person.

    Your gender is only 1 half complete when it comes to form.

    But at the end of the day, that’s not who we are….

    Who we are, Unformed, present and being, is enough and complete.

  8. Okay, fine, I’ll be over in a minute.

    No, but seriously, thanks for this post. Really helps my perspective on things.

  9. Anonymous says:

    what were the texts?

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