Welcome back to Part 7 of the Vegas Guy Seduction Series. In this article, I will explain he continued leading and deepening our connection in the hours and days after our first encounter …

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And how on to Part 7, which focuses on how Vegas Guy used my phone number in the hours and days after our first encounter to continue leading and deepening our connection …

I hope it’s coming through in my posts how beautifully he handled every single detail, start to finish, of this encounter. This seriously may be the most beautiful seduction I’ve ever experienced. So I want to share the emotional effect it had on me …

When I got back to my hotel room, I felt euphoric. I wasn’t upset at all that I was only going to get one hour of sleep before getting on the plane. My roommate stirred in our bed, and she asked me about my night, and I was just gushing about how absolutely magical it was, how I wasn’t expecting anything, and out of nowhere this guy had seduced me, and he turned out to be a really awesome person, and on and on and on :)

I got into bed and easily fell asleep, woke up at around 4 am, and went to the airport for the super early flight.

Before I’d even got on the plane, less than four hours after we had left each other, Vegas Guy texted me:

“My night with you was profound.”

That made me smile. So many things he was doing right. First, he didn’t play games like some guys do and wait several days to get in touch with me. Guys make up all kinds of ridiculous reasons why it’s a good idea to do that, but when you become a Master, you will know not to do this. By texting me so quickly, he was keeping himself fresh in my mind, keeping our connection continuous and smooth.

Second, his text showed that the night together meant something to him beyond just hooking up with a pretty girl. He obviously was feeling the same depth of connection and meaning that I was. Because of this, I never felt “cheapened” by the fact that I went back to his hotel room within an hour of meeting him :)

Third, there was some mystery in the text … what exactly did he mean by “profound”? Not a word being bandied about by the typical PUA, and I was super curious about HIS experience of our night together.

The text messages continued after that …

Later that night: “How are you feeling after your surgery?”

(Shows that he cares about me as a person. I also notice that Masters of Seduction often ask me how I’m feeling. It shows that they are tuned in to the emotional wavelength where people are connected. It also to me shows a wonderful masculinity and protectiveness of me as a woman to check in about how I’m feeling.)

Next day: “So how positive was our meeting?”

(Positive frame, I think he was feeling me out for whether the experience was as meaningful to me as it was to him.)

Next day: “I want you on Facebook.”

(Leading. Opening new doors for our connection.)

“How did pic of us come out, I want to see you.”


Next day: “Baby, how are you feeling?”

(Leading. Connecting with me.)

“So what about us meeting again?”

(Leading. Moving the connection forward.)

“Where do you live in SF? Who do you live with?”

(Finding out logistics early on.)

“I think the connection we had would be worth traveling to SF.”

(Leading, moving the connection forward, showing that the connection is meaningful to him and he’s willing to be chivalrous.)

“Let’s do it then… When is a good time to come?”

(Leading. Handling logistics.)

“K. I can make that happen.”

(Decisive, masculine.)

Next day: “How are you? I’ve been thinking about you today.”

Etc. etc.

He sent these texts to me over the course of a few days, and in between each text obviously he was receiving positive responses from me, but I think seeing the texts in a series like this shows you so much about what I love about this guy. He knows who he is as a man. He’s totally confident. He cares about me. He knows how to lead a relationship. He’s chivalrous. Everything he did was giving me an emotional green light to start thinking of him not just as a guy I’d want to date, but potentially as someone so “put together” and connected and wonderful that I could see myself with him forever.

Ultimately, when you get rid of all the ridiculousness that sometimes goes along with PUA teachings and the seduction community, etc., isn’t that the kind of man you want to be??

Something to ponder … ;)


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