Welcome back to Part 6 of the Vegas Guy Seduction Series. In this article, I will explain how our date ended in a way that felt really good to me and made me want to see him again …

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And how on to Part 6, which focuses on how our first encounter in Vegas ended in a way that felt really good to me and made me want to see Vegas Guy again …

And here, gentlemen, we will continue to focus on LEADING and we will also focus on a concept that I have spoken of many times that many men still resist: CHIVALRY.

All right, so if you read the earlier articles, you know that Vegas Guy and I had very little time together to make a solid connection, less than four hours total. We met after midnight, and we had a couple of hours max at his hotel room. As it got close to 3 am, and I knew I had to be up at 4 am to catch my flight home, I told him that I needed to go home …

This is an important moment where many guys blunder. A woman has just put her trust in you, enough that, after only knowing you for an hour, she has come back to your hotel room and allowed you to take her mostly naked body in your arms … this is a moment of high vulnerability, guys … at this moment, if she has any self-esteem at all, she wants to know that you are the type of man who cares for her … the question is, it’s 3 am … it sounds very simple, but its importance cannot be over-emphasized … are you going to walk her home?

So I told him I needed to go back to my hotel, and I remember listening very closely for his response. Inside, I was asking myself, is this a man who understands the importance of what he needs to do right now?

And once again, he came through for me.
“I’ll walk you back to your hotel,” he said.

I remember feeling so happy inside when he said those words. “He really gets it,” I thought to myself.

That’s what he did. He walked me all the way back to the elevator of the other hotel, then asked “is this where I leave you?” When I said yes, he kissed me goodbye. This is CHIVALRY, gentlemen, and it makes me feel like a woman. It makes me feel like you care more about me as a person than you do about just getting laid. It makes me want to end up in bed with you AGAIN. If you neglect this part of things, at least with a woman like me, you are going to lose her attraction.

But on the walk back over to my hotel room, he did not neglect a very important detail … unlike a lot of guys who are going around giving each other high fives for number closes with women they haven’t made any real connection with who are never going to answer the phone, he had a reason to ask me for my number: HE HAD JUST SPENT THREE HOURS MAKING A VERY REAL CONNECTION WITH ME.

Now I had a reason to give him my phone number. Now I had a reason to answer when he texted me. Now I was actually looking forward to hearing from him again.

So he got my phone number: And this is another example of his seamless leading of the entire interaction. On our walk back to my hotel, he simply asked, “so how am I going to talk to you again?” And we put my number in his phone. Simple, easy, not rocket science :)

In the next article, I’m going to show you how he then used my phone number to continue leading and continue deepening our emotional connection, very effectively, over the days after our first meeting in Vegas.


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