Hey everyone,

My speech at the 21 Convention went really well … several people told me they thought it was the best speech of the Convention … I’m sure everyone had their favorite, and still it felt great to get that feedback. :)

The video footage is usually released in September, so stay tuned for that. I’m super jazzed up after a really fun weekend, and in an hour I’ve got to go catch my flight home. Being that I’m awake anyway, I figured it would be a good time to bring you Part 4 of the Vegas Guy Seduction Series :)

If you’re just tuning in now, be sure to read Parts 1-3 first:

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And now … Part 4, How to Pull the Girl

After Vegas Guy isolated me by leading me to a quieter area of the bar and pulling me close to him, we talked for a short time … maybe half an hour tops. Here are some of the many things he did right:

1. Embrace deep conversation

Many people avoid “deep” conversation topics when they are first meeting someone. They treat the new person as a “stranger.” They fear being judged or “saying the wrong thing.” They choose “safe” topics.

This is a mistake.

In our first hour of conversation, Vegas Guy and I had covered topics as vast as marriage, polyamory, fear of intimacy, and threesomes … done right, this builds deep comfort and rapport very, very, very quickly. It creates the sense of having known each other for a much longer amount of time. Less than an hour after Vegas Guy first approached me, I already felt deeply connected to him … and beyond everything else he had done to create that feeling in me (described in Parts 1-3), the depth of our conversation was surely a HUGE factor.

2. Get the rest of your life handled

I also was picking up very important clues about Vegas Guy during this conversation. I learned, for example, that he owns his own business, which he very successfully runs. And that he was staying at a nice hotel. This is where lifestyle comes in, guys, and it CANNOT BE FAKED. A woman who has her own life handled is not going home with a guy who doesn’t. Everything I learned about Vegas Guy in that short conversation showed me that he was a guy who not only was good with women, but also a real person with a real life that functions well. The importance of this for why he succeeded with me cannot be overemphasized.

A huge mistake I see men make is trying to “fix” their issues with women without fixing the rest of their lives. An intuitive woman is going to see through this immediately. A man’s life must be holistically in balance and functioning well for him to get the best results with women. (I talked more about this in my 21 Convention speech, so you’ll get to hear more when the video footage comes out in September.)

3. Continue to lead

Another thing Vegas Guy did was continue to lead. It was not very long after we had moved to the new location in the club that he suggested we go back to his hotel room, which coincidentally, happened to be at the Bellagio right next door to the hotel where we were staying. Normally, I would consider it preposterous to go home with a guy I met less than an hour before. But again, having early on ascertained my difficult logistical situation, with only a few hours left before I had to catch my plane home, Vegas Guy handled this perfectly. He again put it to me as a choice, saying something like, “So you only have three hours left in Vegas right? And we can spend those three hours here in this loud club with 500 people around us, or we can get to know each other where it’s quiet and comfortable.”

Well, when he put it that way, lol, the choice was really obvious. But just as my defenses went up a bit when he first made eye contact with me (Part 1 of this series), the same thing happened again. So he got a bit of resistance from me, some mild indecision, and after a bit of negotiating, I said that I still felt nervous, and I needed another 10 minutes in the club to feel comfortable enough to leave. With a sigh, he agreed to my 10 minutes plan (making it obvious that he felt it was silly to spend even another 10 minutes at this club when we obviously both wanted each other soooooo badly), but he quickly did the next right thing … he used my 10 minutes to …

4. Build Sexual Tension

Just one minute in to my 10 minutes, he said, “You have nine minutes left.”

LOL :) You see how brilliant that was? Still leading, allowing me to go at my own pace, but really cranking up the sexual tension. A few more minutes went by, and he said: “You now have three and a half minutes left.”

This was done very playfully, and it stirred up all kinds of sexual tension in my body. Meanwhile, …

5. Continue to Touch Her

This whole time, he had my body very close to his. To put my wine glass on the bar in between sips, I had to reach around him to the counter, and every time I did , we were deepening this intimacy. And finally, something I rarely see guys be able to do … only the True Masters can do it …

6. Be Comfortable with Silence, and Learn to be Very Present With Her

Somewhere in this time period, Vegas Guy moved into a space of such deep connection that I felt my heart fully open. I felt such a deep level of connection that I literally went speechless and virtually melted into him. He allowed it. There were long silences in our conversation where I was doing nothing but feeling into him and our connection, and it felt amazing. Most men feel the urge to talk all the time because they are nervous. Big mistake. Learn to be present with her instead.

Vegas Guy never did tell me that my 10 minutes was up. He let me decide that on my own. Finally, I had reached a level of comfort with him that I knew I wanted to be with him the rest of the night back at his hotel room, even if it was only for one or two precious hours. So I said: “Ok, my 10 minutes are up. I’m ready.”

And he led me back to his room.

So here are some takeaways of what Vegas Guy did right, which persuaded me to go with him to his hotel room approximately one hour after he initially approached me (which, as I’ve mentioned before virtually never happens with me):
1. Embrace deep conversation topics (builds rapport and comfort rapidly)
2. Make sure your life is handled, and communicate this to the woman by weaving your life passions and interests into the conversation
3. Continue to lead (he was leading from the very first moment he set eyes on me, and he never stopped leading)
4. Build sexual tension
5. Continue to touch her
6. Be comfortable with silence, and learn to be very present with her

A few days ago, I asked Vegas Guy to tell me more about how he seduces a woman, and his answer was very intriguing and not like anything I hear from most men in the seduction community.

He said it’s “Putting each woman in that place of euphoria and safety.”

That surely is what he did with me. :)

Stay tuned for Part 5: How to Escalate Sexually

And if you’d like me to teach you how to do what Vegas Guy did, be sure to email me at Erika@ErikaAwakening.com to sign up for private coaching …