Thoughts on being banned from RSD Nation

I was banned from posting on RSD Nation last weekend.

I’m noticing a lot of mixed feelings about this and wanted to share them here, with the intention of (hopefully) getting people in the seduction community talking.

My first response, and it’s still with me, was some sadness. Initially sadness that no one talked to me before banning me, they just did it.

Perhaps they viewed it as a business decision, but from my perspective it’s more than that. This is a community that I’ve been participating in for a year now, and it felt like a community to me. It’s vibrant. I enjoy it. So to be unceremoniously banned without anyone bothering to talk with me about it first feels … sad.

Especially because I have such high regard for the guys who work for RSD. I have recommended their company to many men who I’ve met when I go out and have supported them on my blog. I had been told many negative things about RSD (the whole “cult” story etc.) but I have always defended them. At least they let people post URLs on their forum, unlike the other major player in the seduction community forum market. I felt encouraged when they started sending speakers to community events (Tyler at Complete Toolbox and Nathan at 21 Convention). I felt a new openness in the company.

(Later I learned that a friend of mine did try to call me to let me know before deactivating my account, but I didn’t get a message … and I still feel sad about not having the opportunity to talk with them first.)

My sadness was mixed in with other feelings. In some ways, being banned from RSD is a rite of passage. But … still a feeling of “ouch” and something more …

I realized my sadness goes deeper than just that feeling of not being treated like a person rather than an anonymous entity.

And it extends beyond RSD to the community at large. I feel sad about the idea of any of us treating each other as “competitors.” I don’t view myself as a competitor in any sense. I offer coaching based in What Is Holistic Belief Reprogramming?. It’s not something they offer. I’m a complement to what is already offered, not a replacement. I’m also bringing people in to the community who are interested in EFT and some of the other things I write about, who otherwise would never have found the community.

Beyond that, though, there are so many ways in which we can all help each other instead of competing. With affiliate arrangements, for example, so-called “competitors” suddenly become friends.

There are ways to make this win/win, guys. I am still convinced that every one of us in the community has a slightly different target audience, and that the potential audience for these teachings is ENORMOUS. Far beyond what has yet been tapped. If I consider all the unhappy men and women in the world, and all the unhappy relationships that could be enlivened and healed with these teachings, what I see is a market that is many, many, many times larger than what we currently have.

You can be sure that I’ll be doing What Is Holistic Belief Reprogramming? on these issues over the weeks to come, to see what miracles I can manifest into my life. But in the meantime, I would welcome anyone in the community to talk openly about this phenomenon of closing our doors to each other … because I don’t think it helps anyone.

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Erika Awakening is a Harvard Law School graduate and former practicing attorney. She left the rat race to become a location-independent entrepreneur, holistic life coach, blogger, speaker, healer, and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT tapping) expert. Erika Awakening is one of the world's foremost experts on eradicating limiting beliefs and lifestyle design on your own terms. Learn more about Erika Awakening

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Erika I didn't know they deleted you last year the forum was at it's peak with people like hot box m8king moves and John on there was awesome can't beleive John got deleted!

    Anyways I think it's a cool forum except it's been over run by just too many chodes and it will take them two years to realize validation seeking is chode. :)

    Glad your back and I

  2. Wooooo — hey Erika!

    Owen here, I stumbled on this doing a google search for RSD Nation when my computer was freezing.

    I had no idea you were banned from RSDN.


    Moderators are unpaid volunteers who do a lot to keep the forum clean (the unmoderated version that I see with the deleted threads — super lame). We train them and they offer their time,

  3. Actually, in my comment above, I meant that they are the opposite of inclusive. I believe "insular" is the correct word.

  4. I'm glad they allowed you back on, but it's interesting (and disheartening) to me that they do this to begin with. It just reinforces their reputation of inclusiveness and cultishness. As a potential RSD customer, what worries me most about them is that they aren't open to feedback. For example, I don't think they allow negative reviews of their bootcamps on their site. You have

  5. I'm very happy to report that the RSD guys let me back on the forum … and it feels like I'm home again … yay! :-)

  6. Hey Erica, why were you banned?

  7. Hi,

    I was also recently banned from RSDnation for asking to see a picture of Tyler and his girlfriend. Jeffy made a childish comment in response to me for asking this question and they blocked my ability to post new threads. I created a new account and quickly posted a new thread letting everyone know what happened, and how insecure their response seemed. They quickly banned my IP.

  8. "Rite of passage" said it all. It was bound to happen sooner or later.

    Rejoice, the world continues to change, and you're evolving right along with it (adapting).

    For all you know, this may be one of the best things that could have happened to you at this point in your life =).

    And hey, you're always welcome to contribute on The 21 Convention

  9. I'm really disappointed to find out that RSD has banned you from their forums. Not only did they ban you, they erased all of your posts.

    Your posts really stood out. They stood out even more than some of the RSD instructor's posts/blog entries. And I rarely visit the rsd forums. You radiate so much depth and warmth in your writing. Fear not, I will be visiting your blog more

  10. erika,
    i wouldnt be too sad. rsd is still evolving. they will outgrow this phase too. they still are way better than they used to be. the people that are supposed to find rsd, will find rsd. the people that are supposed to find you erika, will find you. that's how the universe works.

    a reason they banned you probably because dont value eft or even understant what it

  11. Lol, Anonymous, thanks for responding.

    But no, I was one of three children in a family where my mother was constantly saying "there's not enough money for you to have what you want."

    I was fortunate to go to a college where I was exposed to other belief systems, and that's when I realized that my mother was full of shit. It was her belief in scarcity that

  12. your view of the world only works erika if everyone has an unlimited supply of money.

    i, like many of my friends in the seduction community, only have a finite amount of dollars we can spend on seduction products. you are asking for us to give you the same dollar bill that RSD is asking for. If there are 2 products i want to buy, but i only have one dollar bill, then i have to make a

  13. I definitely have room for their perspective, Anonymous.

    I am opening up a dialogue.

    There are many ways they could make MORE money by including and networking with people like me.

    I'm not interested in taking dollars away from anyone. I'm interested in creating a thriving marketplace and community that attracts more dollars in.

    It sounds

  14. Well, you are a competitor in the sense that many prospects only have x amount of dollars to spend on self-help and it's a commercial self-help discussion group run for profit.. There shouldn't be too many surprises.

    In terms of regarding 'competitors', RSD has an infamous history of being the most cut-throat in the business..

    it might be good to try seeing

  15. I get you Erika..

    They have not closed the doors on you but rather they have closed the doors on themselves with their decision.

    Seems like after being in this business for so would think they have learned to see the bigger picture as you so nicely and accurately described it but sadly their mind is so cluttered that they can not see the possibilities they could

  16. Haha join the club, Erika!

    – "Johnny"

  17. You should feel flattered they deleted you.

    Someone in RSD saw you as a threat to the company, and instead of being strong enough on their part to stand in the same room, they had to pull the curtain and to hide.

  18. I felt the same way when I got the boot.

    There should be a feeling of inclusion, even if our respective paths towards the same goals (better people, better lives) move in divergent ways.

    But people close their doors and insulate, I guess in an effort to "protect themselves" as if the knowledge of happiness or the improvement if life is a group-specific idea.

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