The importance of staying connected

Because our Word is very powerful, I rewrote an article that I published last year, and you can find the new version on Spiritual Seduction here.

Although I have previously lived in a Glass House on this issue, it has become increasingly obvious to me over the past year how important it is that we make a commitment to stay connected to the people in our lives even when things get messy or rough or painful. I am therefore making this commitment to all of my relationships, and I expect the same in return. This has now become a non-negotiable for me.

Disconnection is the symbol of our separation from God. Disconnection is weakness, not strength. I am no longer willing to tolerate it in any area of my life. This means a prior agreement with any potential romantic partner to do completion work, no matter how things turn out between us.

I have zero interest in fleeting relationships. I now declare that my relationships are so strong, they weather any storm and last forever.

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  1. Gayla,

    wow, thank you for prodding me further about the Letter for Liberating relationships post. I feel so grateful and am going to write another post about it.

    I realize that I have not been asking the Universe for what I *really* want. That's about to change.


  2. I went over to your post in Spiritual Seduction and I read this one… this is commonly spoken in workshops here in the Bay Area and I feel this is a hard one for me to get behind… You write, * We are never responsible for each other’s feelings. You are not the “cause” of my feelings. If I am sad or scared, it’s because of something in me, not anything you did. Always. I want for you to be 100

  3. Sorry for posting this here, but I can't comment on your other blog, but you linked to it in this post so here goes:

    Regarding Marriage proposals, I believe people were telling you the wrong thing. They should have been telling you, or rather, asking you the reverse: Would you, Erika, be willing to marry a guy if you have not slept with him yet?

    Similarly, would you,

  4. One of the most brilliant things I've seen in relationships comes from my friend Jesse, who always connects his current girlfriend with his former girlfriends. They are all given each other's phone numbers and encouraged to speak and share with each other.

    This is brilliant because what we leave behind us follows… no one can be swept under the carpet… and our past

  5. What how would completion work go down? What would you do exactly?

    Also, how do you go about getting someone to agree in the first place?

    Thanks – Lisa

  6. What storm? Arent all storms just fignments of perception anyway?

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