The end of monogamy

Ah, the magic of energy healing, which makes sense of a world that otherwise made no sense to me.

As those of you who’ve been following this blog recently know, I have been doing a lot of second chakra clearing over the past few months. The second chakra governs sexuality, intimacy, the part of us that engages the world through desire and needs. Because our culture is so fraught with sexual guilt, however, many people’s second chakra is pretty shut down.

When I meet guys who are just starting out in the pick-up community, I don’t feel any sexual energy from them whatsoever. This is a sure sign their second chakra is blocked (usually along with most of their other chakras as well). If you want women to be sexually attracted to you, the women must be able to FEEL you. No smooth pick-up lines are going to do a damn bit of good if we can’t FEEL you. So getting your chakras unblocked so your sexual energy can FLOW is an absolute MUST.

Now, here’s something interesting. The culmination of all this second chakra healing that I did on myself was that I spontaneously made this declaration of Facebook:

I hereby declare all monogamous contracts to be null and void.”

And while some people were not happy with this declaration, I’ll be honest: As soon as I said those words out loud publicly, I felt this enormous sense of RELIEF and LIBERATION. Like I’d been waiting my entire life to speak my truth about this.

Some people objected that I was not honoring their freedom to choose monogamy “for themselves.” But you see, we don’t make any choices “for ourselves.” The world is a hologram. Every “personal” choice is made for everyone. And when you bind yourself and your partner to monogamous promises, you are interfering with MY freedom to connect and love freely.

This is much easier to understand from an energy healing perspective. In energy healing, we heal people by removing blocks to the free flow of their life force energy. This restores their vitality and their joy.

Any form of blanket exclusion (like monogamy is) is a block to this free flow of healing energy, sexual energy, and every other form of energy. This is my theory of why there is so much infidelity, and why so many marriages end up sexually dead and emotionally unhappy. Exclusion kills.

Now, as we open up the doorways of the stale prisons we have created in the name of “love” and “safety,” I am not saying we have to throw everything out at once. There’s still too much fear, and some people would not be able to tolerate this shock to their systems.

So I invite everyone to let the light and the flow in a little bit at a time. It’s perfectly okay to have some standards about how we are going to share our sexual energy. Invite some other people to play with you and address agreements ahead of time (like with my new membership site — everyone is welcome there, and I’m still going to have some standards about the level of commitment and financial contribution that I require for them to access all the content). We can let go of fear a little bit at a time, in a conscious way that ensures we are creating more happiness in the world.

And don’t worry, you don’t need to “hide” your husbands from me, lol. If I have sex with your husband, it’s going to be out in the open with everyone having an honest conversation about it. I don’t believe in “cheating” behind someone else’s back because dishonesty feels yucky, gives rise to guilt (the great saboteur), and serves nobody. But I do really mean it. I used to tiptoe around other people’s monogamous contracts for fear of someone getting jealous or triggered. I will not do that anymore. I do not recognize monogamous contracts because they fail to respect my freedom to love and connect with anyone and everyone. From my perspective, they do not serve anyone’s highest good, and they are null and void.

So the other interesting thing is that immediately after I made this declaration, my sexual energy, which has been dormant for quite a while, opened back up again, and I’ve deeply connected with several men energetically since then. This is very good timing because I taught an HBR class to a group of men at Vince Kelvin’s bootcamp on Saturday, and I’ll be speaking in a few weeks at the PUA World Summit 2011.

I’m really glad to be back in touch with my sexual energy, especially with this new commitment to non-monogamy. I actually think it’d be amazing to be in a really deep intimate, highly sexual relationship where we connect with other people and write about that all the time. We wouldn’t need to do any marketing, that sh*t sells itself lol :)

If you would like to get more in touch with your sexual energy, btw, here are a couple of quick and easy steps to take:

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  1. Rebecca Swenor says:

    Interesting post indeed. I have always felt being with one person is what you do when you both feel you want to be committed to each other. Meaning you both feel that person is your sole mate.

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