Learning about Sexual Healing with the White Tigress

Sexual Healing White Tigress

This is a guest blog by Master Yang. Here he is going to tell us about Sexual Healing with the White Tigress and the White Tigress techniques.  If you want to clear sexual blocks that you didn’t even know you have to prepare yourself for these new articles, I recommend my 30-Day Sexual Abundance Challenge and my Secret Revolutionary Product Part 6.


~ The Night of The White Tigress by Master Yang ~

What is the White Tigress Tradition?

In the time of antiquity, during the reign of Imperial China and in the days of Emperors, courtesans and consorts, legend tells of an esoteric clan of women. These women conducted their work in secrecy and were rumored to be illuminated master of sexuality, eternal youth and healing. A woman of this lineage was known as a White Tigress.

The ways of the Tigress are rooted deeply in Taoism. There is a component of Taoism that focuses on sexuality and nowadays it’s commonly referred to as the Tao of Sex(uality).

In the early days of Taoism, men were running the show and they were writing the rules on sexual practices. As you might guess, the practices they came up with, largely favored male advancement and illumination. The female was getting screwed, literally.

So a group of Taoist women came up with their own practices, which favored the female or at least offered equal favor for their own advancement and illumination. These women were the early White Tigresses.

Taoism is all about yin and yang, as above so below and that is the paradigm the practices evolved from.

So while this article may sound like an account of sexual gratification and oral sex, it’s anything but. It may even seem like an act of submission for the woman, again, it is not.

The White Tigresses needed male sexual energy for their process and for that they needed men. So they offered oral sex to men so that they could acquire the needed male sexual energy.

The process I describe in this article was totally in favor of the woman. Other advanced processes benefited both the man and the woman. In my article, the woman directed every aspect of the interaction and was totally empowered and received the required male sexual energy. The man got nothing really other than gratification.

Also, it is not unlike Qi Gong, tai chi or even yoga where movement of the body is brought together with breath and spirit to join heaven and earth. It just happens in the case of White Tigress that the body movements are of a sexual nature.

My First Experience with the White Tigress

As I drove to my friend’s house, I wondered how could it be that this mild mannered reporter-like woman could actually be of that fabled White Tigress lineage.

I arrived at her specified address around 7:30pm on a warm summer’s eve. It was a neatly manicured house on a neatly manicured street. It was ordinary by all accounts, and nothing on the façade could have prepared me for the extra-ordinary experience that would soon unfold behind closed doors.

I was filled with enthusiasm in anticipation of what my friend/hostess had previously described to me as being on the receiving end of amazing oral sex. What began, this night, under the guise of supreme sexual gratification, would ultimately lead to a profound awakening and spiritual illumination.

When I knocked on the door, a beautiful young woman opened it and without a word led me to the bedchamber.

The bedchamber was inviting. There was a small altar to my left in the corner (with 3 white candles burning, a few crystals, a statue of Buddha and an oil warmer producing the fragrant scent of spikenard oil).

There were stings of bells hanging from the ceiling and a large Persian rug anchoring the bed (a mattress & box spring), which was oddly positioned directly on the rug without a bed frame. The bed was covered with many colorful pillows and soft bedding.

Sexual healing White TigressThe young woman undressed me and offered me a robe. She then seated me on the foot of the bed and she left the room.

Within a couple minutes, the door opened and my friend/hostess entered the room. There was something noticeably different about her look; demeanor. Her long brown hair flowed gently over a white silk robe. She was a vision of beauty: feminine, serene, graceful, petite. And at the same time, I detected a silent power emanating from deep within her.

I stood up and we greeted one another with a warm embrace. We spoke briefly about what was going to happen, then she returned me to my position sitting on the foot of the bed.

She knelt down in between my legs. It was becoming very clear why the mattress was sitting directly on the floor. She untied my robe and slipped it off me completely. She then loosened the tie on her robe just enough to free her arms and to reveal her upper torso.

Her breasts were small and perfectly proportioned to her petite frame, her nipples were large, full; pink. She began running her hands up my legs – beginning from the ankles, up the outside of the calves and up and over the thighs toward my groin. With each of the 36 repetitions I could feel the energy building in my groin as she directed the Qi (vital life force energy) there with her hands.

By this time, I was fully erect and she seemed very pleased with her results. With her left hand she began messaging my testicles in an intentional clockwise circular motion. Again it was a series of 36 and I could feel the heat activating within my testicles.

She then placed the same hand, firmly but gently at the base of my shaft. Her focus was intense and she gazed upon my erection like some sort of an altar god.

It was finally time for the promise to be fulfilled. The tip of her hot tongue met the head of my erection and encircled it 9 times before she took the head in her mouth and sucked on it strongly, while at the same time firmly stroked my shaft upward. By the time she finished sucking the head, it had become so engorged, it felt like it might burst like a balloon.

From time-to-time she would toss her long hair to the side so I could see she delicate lips over my cock.

She repositioned her head in a way that allowed her mouth to move over the head and far down the shaft until finally she was deep throating me. She would make gagging sounds and let out little giggles to emphasize the point in a playful manner.

Every once in a while, she would allow large amounts of saliva to flow out of her mouth. The warm saliva flowed easily down the length of my shaft, over my scrotum and onto the floor. The saliva acted as a lubricant and allowed her hand to glide effortlessly up my shaft, in unison with her mouth.

The stimulation was intense and the energy continued to build until I was ready to explode in her mouth. Each time she sensed my pending eruption, she would stop her movements and with her thumb and index finger of the left hand apply pressure to the base of my shaft and with the same fingers of her right hand, pinch the head of my cock. When the sensation subsided, she would resume stimulating me.

This continued until she had built up maximum Qi, and this time when she brought me to the brink, I did explode in her mouth. As I did so, she drew out every drop of fluid and energy possible with her mouth, her hand and her will. It seemed to go on for several minutes.

Once I had finished, she mixed my sexual fluids, in her mouth, with her own saliva. Then she swallowed hard, with a gulping sound, three times, drawing the mixture deep down into her abdomen.sexual healing white tigress

She placed her hands on her abdomen, as though she was feeling a new fetus growing inside her. In a sense, there was something growing inside her, it was The Elixir of Immortality.

After a momentary pause, she cleaned me up with a warm damp cloth, dried me and graciously assisted me onto the bed amongst the mound of pillows. She replaced her robe and curled up, lying motionless, on her side next to me.

My head was still spinning, as I lay there in awe, thinking, “we must surely be done for tonight”. Much to my surprise, after about 30 minutes passed, I felt the delicate feather-like touch of her fingers on my chest. This delicate touch moved about, exciting my body, ‘til I was once again fully erect.

Then with a tiger-like motion, she rose and positioned her body between my legs. She allowed her robe to slip off her body and there she was in all her feminine glory, kneeling before my erection once again.

I thought she might mount me, but instead, she began another round of oral and manual stimulation. It followed pretty much the same routine as the first round, until the end.

This time, when she brought me to completion, she directed my Ching (sperm), with great precision, onto her cheek. It was thick and heavy, as the first round had released much of my seminal fluid, and so it stuck firmly on her skin.

She dabbed her fingers on it and placed a small amount on the other cheek and the residual was gently messaged onto her nipples. She moved to the foot of the bed and lay down on her back naked, in meditation, absorbing my Ching. This practice, I would later learn, was a key factor to her youthful appearance.

And with that, the night’s events came to an end. The White Tigress had tasted me and I would soon learn just how ravenous her appetite was for me.

– Master Yang


Hope you enjoyed our guest blog post about Sexual Healing with the White Tigress. As mentioned above, if you want to clear sexual blocks that you didn’t even know you have to prepare yourself for these new articles, I recommend my 30-Day Sexual Abundance Challenge and my Secret Revolutionary Product Part 6.

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