College Women “Too Busy to Date”? What Is Really Going On Here?

sex without commitmentHaha, I love the power of “doing nothing.” I love the power of being happy. So I had decided to “do nothing” and just focus on being happy … and I was quietly minding my own business while tapping my 30-Day End Guilt & Self Punishment Challenge and the newly released 30-Day Quantum Leap WHEN …

Out of the blue, I received another invitation to appear on Huffington Post Live. (To see my prior appearance about the End of Dating on Huffington Post Live.) Hooray – what fun!

So I said “yes,” and today’s segment was about how college women are opting for casual “hookups” rather than committed relationships. Sex without commitment? Let’s find out why … It was a really fun segment with a great panel of speakers who all had some very intriguing ideas about WHAT IN THE WORLD IS HAPPENING to dating and relationships

Even better, just before the segment began, the official Miracle Cat (also known as Fritz the Miracle Cat – read more about him here) – got wind of what was going on. And he happily leaped onto the back of my recording chair and stayed there for the entire segment. He even nodded his head during one of my comments, so YES Fritz the Cat actually gets mentioned in this segment of Huffington Post Live by our hostess Caitlyn Becker – LOL. So adorable. He is such a natural.

Learn more about what women really want – tune in now:


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