Erika’s Report on the 2011 Pickup Artist World Summit in Hollywood

Hey everyone,

All I can say is … WOW … what an AWESOME week we just had at the 2011 PUA World Summit in Hollywood!!

My week actually began earlier in the week in Los Angeles for a wealth conference (if you’re curious, you can learn more about that here). Not only did I meet a guy who has an awesome T-shirt company (more on that later) who ended up getting a VIP ticket to the Summit and coming to the event with me … but also I had the most random encounter.

In a bizarre synchronicity that still remains unexplained, who walks in to the conference, and happens to walk right in front of my seat at one end of the huge ballroom … only to walk out again because it appears he was in the wrong room? … but SINN. Lol, I hadn’t seen that guy in years, and suddenly there he was standing in front of me. Really bizarre, especially if you’re someone like me who believes that NOTHING happens by accident.

Anyway … the Summit was an event that favored the adaptable. We had a last minute venue change, from the usual hotel location to …


Haha, for the uninitiated, Project Hollywood is the original mansion from Neil Strauss’ book The Game, which was the book that first introduced me (and so many other people) to the seduction community. I read the book in 2006, just a few months after my near-death experience, and it was the beginning of my new career.

The Project Hollywood Mansion, where the original pickup artists honed their skills, was active 10 years ago but had long since been abandoned.

Until now, when Vince Kelvin (you can get his products here) and Speer teamed up and re-opened the original Project Hollywood on the eve of the Summit.

Well, that was exciting enough, but it was about to get even more exciting … a wonderful surprise … they invited me to stay at the house during the Summit :)

Which I did … so I got to have the inside scoop on the entire behind-the-scenes action for the Summit. Never mind that we had almost no furniture, no dishes, and no chairs, lol (they had just moved in a couple days earlier), we still had a blast.

Here were some highlights from the Summit itself:

1. Adam Lyons gave a very strong start to the Summit on Saturday morning, giving the guys a rousing speech about the true meaning of Qualification. Some of what he provided were some common sense reminders that it’s a good idea to get to know a woman thoroughly before going home with her, if you don’t want to end up in an interesting situation with her ex-husband, her lesbian lover, and her five-year-old daughter. It was good advice, because people who have standards are more attractive. When you come from an abundance mentality, it’s easy to say “no” to what you don’t want. Most guys don’t get that it’s okay to pass up a low-hanging fruit and hold out for what you really want. Great speech, Adam!

2. We had so many speakers that the biggest issues at Summit had to do with what time and for long each speaker would present to the audience. Some speakers were a little frustrated to have traveled so far for so little speaking time, but I gotta say they made the most of it. Two examples were Technoslaughter, who gave a fantastic speech about the subconscious mind that is very much in alignment with my Holistic Belief Reprogramming system, and Bravo PUA.

3. Speaking of Bravo, when I did hear his speech, I realized that I had heard his presentation at Summit in 2010. I realized this when he started posting the photos of fat chicks who hide their true appearance by cropping their photos on line. As an example of how our judgments are always wrong, I now remember that last year of course when I heard this, I was thinking, “what an asshole, there’s another guy who doesn’t really like women.” Haha, well this year I learned that his online dating profile does involve admitting that he’s a bit of an asshole. Anyway, the irony is that he turned out to be a really sweet guy, and he even tapped along and took photos of me during my speech. You can see one that he took here:

(Thank you, Bravo! :) )

4. Speaking of my speech, I did an experiment and devoted my speaking time to leading the entire room (which at that point was close to 200 people in a second chakra clearing sequence – for the uninitiated, your second chakra governs your sexuality, among other things). It was really awesome! The energy in the room was so powerful, that I could feel heat and chills simultaneously (which several audience members also reported to me), and the projection screen behind me started to fall on top of me! Fortunately, two guys in the front row leaped out of the audience and caught the screen before it touched me.

Later, a bunch of guys told me that they really loved the speech. One guy in the audience who looked super skeptical at the beginning of my talk came up to me later and said, “I was really skeptical, but that was awesome.”

Another guy said at the Monday VIP session: “Damn, girl, you got some power in you.” I clarified that the power comes through me from the divine, and I asked him what prompted him to say that. He said: “because you opened my second chakra.” He also signed up for personal coaching with me, and I’m so excited to go deeper with him to show him the magic of Holistic Belief Reprogramming.

5. I didn’t get to see all the speeches, but I was really happy to see a lot of my dear friends at the event. You can say what you will about the seduction community, but these people are awesome: Psych DatingCoach, DJ Fuji, Nick Quick and Epik, Kino BadIntentions, James Marshall, Sasha Daygame, Luke Alishus, Casanova’s Hydro and so many more.

6. Speaking of Sasha Daygame, his speech was totally hilarious, about direct game. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say “fucking” and “bullshit” and “fucking bullshit” so many times in 30 minutes … EVER, lol :)

7. Ross Jeffries … lol … well, he didn’t follow through on his breakfast offer from a few months ago, but he was very gracious in approaching me to shake my hand. Thank you, Ross, for being a gentleman at least for one moment. I got to see part of his speech. He has a powerful speaking voice. Then I needed to take care of some other business, and I left the room. I heard later that he made digs at me and tapping after I left the room. It’s okay though. The Universe was listening. The projection screen fell on him, but unlike with me, nobody jumped out of the front row to save him … hahaha. Karma. :p

I also learned that somebody finally stood up and revealed on RJ’s forum that Alex Q is in fact a real person and a client of mine.

Call me crazy (oh wait, you already did that, lol!!), but I’ve been noticing recently that more and more coaches in the community are opening to the possibility that tapping might actually have something to it … stay tuned ;)

8. The guys at Project Hollywood were pulling girls left and right … that mansion is going to be the place to be for the foreseeable future … Vince did an awesome job keeping everything high energy (while also managing his threesome), and Speer deftly handled all manner of situation in full alpha male style, including the visits from the fire and police departments :)

9. Tyler Durden from Real Social Dynamics (who I have to thank for my initially becoming “famous” in the community) made a surprise appearance and gave his best speech yet. Totally high energy. Importantly, Tyler reminded guys that although meditation is important, they won’t get far in seduction by masturbating to Eckhart Tolle. A bunch of us also went to dinner at Poquito Mas with Tyler and had a lot of laughs. I won’t even get into my visit to the restroom that ended up like a horrible comedy with water spraying all over the walls … haha :)

10. The always awesome Johnny Soporno has lost a LOT of weight, and he looks fantastic! And we love Violet, too – she was showing off her hand-sewn clothes, and she looked gorgeous :)

11. The VIP workshop on Monday ROCKED. It was a mixture of tapping in to primal sexuality and divine power. I had opportunities to deliver Reiki energy to bring a guy’s massive black eye back down to a minor scrape (long story!) and to do another tapping workshop focused on how guy’s major life issues (such as financial issues and not being in touch with life purpose) show up in their approach anxiety. you really want to get rid of your approach anxiety, take my 15-Week Miracle Coaching program (learn more here).

12. The pool party on Monday night was so much fun. I especially loved seeing Elizabeth Egan Everett again. She is really in her groove these days, and brings a lot of esoteric spiritual power to her teaching. She’s a coach to watch — as guys begin to recognize how much spiritual practices will improve their game, especially non-verbal seduction, I predict that Elizabeth will become a much more prominent coach in the community.

13. Many people asked me if anyone cried. I was going to say no, first time ever that nobody cried, but actually … a guy did cry on Monday. That’s because he came up to me after my second tapping workshop and was saying things that were bullshit (Sasha would have said “fucking bullshit” – I was slightly more gentle) and not serving him or anybody else in his life (mostly excuses for why he is not getting the inner game help that would actually catapult him to the next level). My divine guidance told me to deliver some radical honesty, which I did. And I don’t think it was very easy for him to hear. But if somebody didn’t say it, he would continue to be stuck where he is, and I promise you a moment of crying is better than a lifetime of misery. It wouldn’t surprise me if he thanks me in a couple of years.

14. I had a parting breakfast on Tuesday morning with Adam Lyons and his lovely wife Amanda. All I have to say is that those are two incredibly beautiful people, inside and out. Thank you, Adam and Amanda, you continue to inspire me, and I really love you.

When I got home, finally, I was happy to see my adorable kitties, sleep in my own bed, and I’m excited to work with the new clients that I signed up while I was in LA … so thrilled to introduce them to the deeper mysteries of Holistic Belief Reprogramming

There’s so much more to report, but those were some of the highlights … if you weren’t there, I am truly sorry. You really missed out. Hopefully next time, you will put aside all the excuses and give yourself the gift of a life-changing weekend.

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