The Power of Sadness (Appreciation thread :)

Over the past few days, in the midst of everything else, I’ve been getting present with and releasing a lot of sadness. Waves of sadness crashing on the shore … one subsides and another rises.

So many people are scared of their sadness. Or disconnected from it. Our culture doesn’t provide much in the way of helpful tools for dealing with sadness.

I love sadness. It is beautiful and precious to me. It is full of wisdom and messages for those who are quiet enough inside themselves to listen. In Holistic Belief Reprogramming (HBR), it is also the “gateway” emotion to joy. What I mean by that is that after we clear anger or fear, sadness usually shows up next, and after sadness is cleared, we return to happiness. And … if we listened to the messages sadness was trying to tell us … the level of happiness is higher, permanently, than it was before we entered into the sadness.

This is the problem with Positive Thinking … it bypasses entirely the full range of dark emotions and beliefs that are ALREADY in a person’s energetic system. And, as I so often repeat, it’s not effective to paste positivity on top of a massive sewer of negativity, lol … we MUST clear the darkness out before there can be light :)

Also, although there are a few people on this planet who are probably at a high enough level of consciousness that they no longer have much fear or anger in their energetic system, these people are very rare … in my experience, most people who think they don’t have sadness or anger are actually just disconnected (dissociated) from their feelings. Often, the angriest people are the ones saying “I never get angry.” (I know you know what I’m talking about!! )

Part of my life purpose is to help people release the shame they feel about having and expressing their true feelings … there are so many people who are “covering up” and “hiding” … and yet, authenticity is the most powerful tool we have for connection. If you’re sad, the fastest way to connect with another person is to say, “I feel sad.” It’s congruent. It’s vulnerable. It invites connection. It invites the other person to let down his guard and also be vulnerable.

There are an area of sadness that has been coming up for me the past few days, and I’d like to share a bit about it (this is where the appreciation comes in because, well, so often sadness is also a gateway emotion to appreciation :) ) …

The Feminine Pain Body

Ever since I had my White Tiger Tantra experience with Steve Piccus back in May (for the uninitiated this involves a healing modality where a woman has “squirting” G-spot orgasms, often for the first time in her life) … I’ve been feeling lighter and happier. As I wrote back then, Holistic Belief Reprogramming (HBR) is synergistic when used in combination with deep body work like White Tiger Tantra. Sometimes the beliefs and memories that are unconsciously sabotaging our happiness and our dreams are SO DEEPLY REPRESSED that something truly radical is required to get the subconscious mind to cough them up to the surface where HBR can easily release them forever.

What came to the surface in my White Tiger Tantra session was a deeply repressed belief of “I’m not allowed.” Not allowed to have orgasms, not allowed to have sex, not allowed to enjoy my body … no doubt a legacy of my family’s ancient Catholic guilt. Once that had come to the surface, I was able to use HBR to explore it and release a LOT of what has been sabotaging me for years.

I also used my White Tiger Tantra experience in another way. Ever since, during each of my menstrual cycles, instead of masking my cramps with pain relievers, I have been getting present with the pain. Eckhart Tolle talked in the Power of Now about how women can have a powerful spiritual practice by being extra present during their premenstrual time because the Collective Feminine Pain Body comes to the surface at that time. What this means from an HBR perspective is that, during that time period, we have access to deeply repressed garbage that we can clear while it’s at a level of conscious awareness.

The first time I did this, and got present with the menstrual pain, I got very, very sick, and was vomiting. All this means is that I finally got to the surface a bunch of poisonous unconscious crap that had been affecting me for years. After that cycle, the vomiting never happened again. In fact, each cycle I have less and less menstrual pain altogether, and no longer feel a need for pain relievers. Over the past few days as I had my cycle again, I did a bunch of healing of the Feminine Pain Body on a woman’s forum, and I was in touch with a lot of sadness that I was continuously releasing, but there was very little pain. I fully expect that I will soon be having pain-free menstrual cycles with no further mood swings during them. And wouldn’t that be wonderful !!! :)

Every pain we feel, physical or emotional, is trying to tell us something. If we listen to the message, the pain will dissolve. If we fight it, resist it, ignore it, disconnect from it, then an opportunity is lost, and the pain returns to the unconscious mind, where it continues to sabotage us.

Anyway, all this is to say, that I really want to express my appreciation today for the work that Steve Piccus is doing. I truly believe that if all women were experiencing White Tiger Tantra, we could heal the Feminine Pain Body worldwide. I am an affiliate of Steve’s, and if you purchase his wonderful White Tiger Tantra DVDs through my link, you will be supporting Steve and me, and you will also be supporting the continuation of zero-cost articles on this blog. And if you practice White Tiger Tantra, I am convinced, you will help to heal the world.

Please purchase Steve Piccus’s White Tiger Tantra DVDs here.

And that’s it for today :)

Tonight I’m going out with Czech Girl. If there are any great stories from our evening out, I’ll be sure to report back. Happy Saturday!


Except, that’s not quite it …. because here’s another photo for you all. Hope you enjoy it :)

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