Postscript re "Love is a gift"

Yeah, sorry Fritz and Harvey, I realize that I adopted you and you’ve come to depend on me. If I had not adopted you, someone else probably would have, and you’d have a nice warm home today.

But didn’t anyone tell you, “love is a gift.” And I just don’t feel like feeding you today. You knew it might not work out. Stop being so needy. Stop being so dramatic. You were never promised anything. Best of luck.


Seriously, Entropy, who wants to live in that kind of a world?

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  1. Sweetheart,

    It's called communication.

    Entropy has a conscience, but if he doesn't really look at the implications of his beliefs, he can unconsciously continue destructive patterns.

    So I'm spelling out the implications of those beliefs. I don't believe that he can justify his "love is a gift" mantra if he really looks at what that means

  2. Erika,

    Maybe I am perceiving this the wrong way, but you seem to be slightly argumentative about this situation. It does not seem to be a matter of who is right and who is wrong, it seems to be a matter of incompatibility.

    I would propose that you are both correct and you are both wrong. To Entropy, love is a gift. That is his reality. To you, love is a commitment.

  3. Thanks, Daria, for sharing your resistance.

    I felt resistance to this too for a long time, and then I realized my resistance was part of being a "cactus," as Rori says.

    Our culture may have trained us that everybody has to take care of themselves, and to some extent of course that's true.

    But if we really want to enjoy love and intimacy, it's not

  4. okay… i feel a lil confused because well… i see the love is a gift.

    i dont feel you owe anything to a cat, though definitely i don't advocate not feeding them.

    but cats as adults could be able to provide for themselves (maybe not after not learning how, but maybe yes)

    so I do agree that indeed it might not work out, and you might not feel like feeding them

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