Lots of news for those of you who have not tuned in for a while.  We announced PostFeminine.com (check it out here).  This new site is not associated with PostMasculine.  However, as my ex Mark PostMasculine and I have always been interested in similar issues (as you know already, if you followed this blog from the beginning), you can expect that trend to continue.  Here are some highlights of the recent content:

1.  Face Your Fears Instead of Avoiding Your Feelings:  I’m very proud of this article, in which we talk about the benefits of facing our fears instead of avoiding them:
2.  Revolutionary New Ways of Being Feminine and Masculine:  You will also love this new definition of femininity, in which I have let go of most of the early stereotypes of men and women that we used to talk about in the early days of this blog:
3.  How PostFeminine Originated and How I Am Facing My Fears:  Also, so you know that I am practicing what I preach, you will want to check out the latest posts and comments on Spiritual Seduction, including these:
You will see that I am facing my fears instead of avoiding them.  And it feels great!  :)

4.  Zero-cost Teleworkshop, Including Erika Awakening on How to Attract a Money Miracle Fast:  Finally, be sure to register for these 12 amazing teleworkshops!  Erika Awakening is being featured as a speaker along with Sonia Choquette, Master Mantak Chia, Judy Hall, Diana Cooper, Art Giser, and many other awesome teachers and healers.  Learn more and register for free by clicking here.



  Erika Awakening, High Priestess of Miracles at TAPsmarter