Poly Community? Your Input Please

Hey, recently it has become apparent that I have a large number of friends who could potentially be interested in forming a poly community.

Anyone have experience with this and/or an established community here in the Bay Area?

Feel free to email me at erika.awakening@gmail.com …

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  1. Anonymous 3:19,

    Part of what I wrote was tongue and cheek – like how I`m crazy. That being said, Id be hypocritical to judge others for pursuing their own selfish ends.

    People prescribing weirdness to be associated with pickup usually comes from the guys doing it poorly and being epicenters of social awkwardness and negative feelings.

  2. What is a poly community?

  3. Smokelion ur a guy u like a pussy nothing wrong with that. Its psychotic to not go for what u want becuz it makes one bitter and resentful. I think its a crock a shit when a people oh these are weird becuz they wanna get laid so fucking what? At least these guys have the balls to put there embarressment aside and go for what they want.

  4. Gayla D'Gaia says:

    There are many communities… Question is, how much beauty are you also available to sustain and create?

    Not all poly communities are the same… vision with your whole heart

  5. Wait, so you're trying to find out if people in the bay area are there for the gangbang?

    Does this question even need answering :o ?

    With regards to your comments on casual sex and how open ones heart is…

    I believe that most guys get so caught up in "winning" pussy that they just think about that one result and go for it. Their heart

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