Day 5 of the 30-Day World Peace Challenge with Erika Awakening

Why Getting in Touch with Your Feelings Is Essential for World Peace

world peaceThanks for participating in the 30-Day World Peace Challenge with Erika Awakening, and thank you especially to those of you who are sharing these powerful EFT tapping videos with your family, friends, and colleagues. For Day 5, we address the issue “I don’t want to feel my feelings.”

What does not wanting to feel my feelings have to do with world peace, you may ask. And the answer is: everything. Every problem we have in the world today could be boiled down, in its essence, to people disconnecting from their feelings.

When we learn to get fully present with our feelings, we can “sit with” anger, discomfort, guilt, shame, fear, until those feelings release out of our system. When we avoid our feelings, the feelings go underground where they feed the Shadow Self. Unconscious feelings lead to unconscious actions. We have all learned to bury our feelings underneath frenetic activity and addictions. Rather than getting in touch with our feelings, we build walls and defenses to “protect” ourselves. And whether these be personal “walls” to avoid another person, or national walls to avoid an entire other culture, walls lead only to one place: WAR. Walls also lead to disease, poverty, and every other malady we face on the planet today.

Getting in touch with feelings is also how we can connect in an empathetic way to other people. Feelings are a universal language with instant translation. We can all relate to grief, and we can all relate to joy. Our feelings transcend the level of belief systems where nobody really agrees about anything. This is why feelings are such an important part of non-violent communication by Marshall Rosenberg. Feelings help us get in touch with our natural compassion, whereas thinking all too often leads us to cut ourselves off from other people.

Anyway, it’s too much to explain here. If you’d like to go deeper with this, please sign up for personal coaching sessions with me at In the meantime, you can tap along to this free video and help heal the planet by getting more in touch with your feelings right now.

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