I am delighted to tell you all about this one. As many of you know, I am a big fan of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) because of its capacity to create dramatic, fast, and long-lasting changes in people’s lives. It is the single most effective method for erasing limiting beliefs that I have ever experienced … and I have experimented A LOT.

Here’s a testimonial from Daria about how much our EFT session helped her:

“EFT with Erika was amazing! My life changed in one hour. I felt giddy with joy coming out of the session. I felt so free and open. I simply was not as afraid… of… things I didn’t realize before… like the people I saw walking down the street. I was able to look them in the eye, and the thoughts I heard were GOOD instead of threatening. My relationship with my family improved. I was able to stand up for myself more, and be more honest. I have also become exponentially more successful at EFT on my own. This has changed my life and I am ready for the adventure. Thank you Erika!”

Now, my friend and fellow EFT expert, Kate Winch, and I are going to offer a 90-minute teleclass. It will happen next Monday, August 10, at 7 pm Pacific Standard Time.

The topic will be Attracing Financial Abundance and Jumpstarting Your New or Growing Business with EFT. Kate and I both have experience with using EFT for business purposes. Kate has created a thriving EFT practice — and sustained it in the midst of the recession, and I used EFT to nearly double the rentals on a property, also in the midst of the recession. Both of us are also very experienced at honing in on core beliefs and specific memories that block people from achieving financial abundance.

After my success, I helped another woman with her rental, and this is the testimonial that she wrote:

“Tenant Success – Thank you! I just had to follow up with you and tell you that within days of doing tapping [doing EFT] as you suggested, I had a new tenant. Not only that, my rental management company came up with a plan for having the tenants sign a longer lease which means that I will know the place is full for a period of time. With the present economic challenges around, this is welcome and calming news for us.” – Colleen

Now, Kate Winch and I are joining forces for the first time to offer this teleclass. We have priced it at an extremely reasonable $20 for the 90-minute call. You will benefit most from this call if you already know EFT. But if you don’t, not to worry. When you sign up, I will send you some FREE information so that you can quickly learn to do EFT on yourself prior to the call. I will also make myself available to answer questions you may have about EFT and the teleclass.

During the teleclass Kate will be offering a segment on attracting abundance generally, and I will do a segment that is more specifically focused on starting or growing a new business. We will also focus on clearing old childhood memories and patterns that may unconsciously be holding you back from achieving your full potential.

We are inspired to coach this teleclass because of the large number of people we know who have been affected by the recession, by our own financial successes, and (for me) by the large number of my friends who are currently starting blogs, coaching practices, and businesses and who are looking to create or develop their market niche — but who may be blocked by old programming that is no longer helpful. Let’s get inspired, erase those limiting beliefs, and open up the possibilities for our new or growing businesses.

Please sign up by paying the modest $20 fee through the Paypal button below, and please make sure I have your email address so that we can send you the teleclass call-in information.

Looking forward to it!


Click on this paypal button to reserve your spot for this amazing teleclass, which is virtually certain to pay for itself many, many times over …

Once you see how freeing EFT can be, you will want to apply it to EVERYTHING.

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