The ocean is calling … :)

Some major quantum shift is in the works …

After having a spectacular start of the year business-wise (if you haven’t seen the new products, you are truly missing out – learn more here), and after having almost totally de-cluttered my living space (it was shockingly easy to let go of nearly everything from my past), during the past week or so I have felt like slowing down and checking out …

These slow periods always have preceded major quantum leaps for me. This is how my blog was born, right after a super slow time when I did little other than meditate. This is also how the spectacularly successful 30-Day Abundance Challenge was born.

The intuitions feel especially powerful during these quiet times.
Sorting out my passport has been on my to-do list for a while. Today I went down and took care of it. I see international travel in my very near future, though I currently don’t have any flights scheduled. The urge to get it taken care of was very strong.

Equally strong is the urge to go to the ocean. I was considering Big Sur, but am more feeling Bodega Bay for right now. Feeling private yin yoga, walking by the sea and in the nearby areas, massages and body treatments, recording videos, meditating, maybe some wine tasting, maybe some bike rides, and a lot of quiet solitude. I’m feeling more and more drawn to working with private clients one-on-one at spa resorts, and this will be a good opportunity for me to see if this location would be a good one.

I am also feeling an inexplicable urge to get out my scuba equipment and take a refresher course. Why? I have no idea lol :)

I have never been less interested in dating in my entire adult life. Dating and frankly most conventional socializing has exactly ZERO appeal right now. And this is not just about dating. None of the old “linear” models of getting anything done make any sense to me anymore at all.

This is: Being in the now. ;)

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  1. It has been a few years since I have been to the ocean. I would love to go soon.

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