Non-Refundable Sex Manifesto

What will it take for people to commit to turning every “negative” experience into something positive instead of running away?

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Most people have not learned the skills and commitment they need to transform negative energy in relationships and get the miracle

If I could make sex non-refundable, I would. One of the biggest problems we see throughout our society is the overall pattern of pleasure-seeking and pain-avoidance (I call this the “hamster wheel,” which you can read more about here). This pattern leaves people uncommitted and unskilled in dealing with negative experiences and makes any real transformation nearly impossible. Oh for sure there are some who seek pain as well, but not to transform it, only to recreate it over and over again in a ritual so hopeless and pointless it defies logic or words. Nowhere are these patterns more obvious than in the “special relationship” where most people only stay as long as their ego identity (whether “good” or “bad”) is being propped up by the other person. Whereas for relationships to be truly healing in any way, rather than perpetuating co-dependent pain/pleasure patterns, one must go beyond pain and pleasure to real transformation. This means no longer seeking for pleasure in any form (which includes “approval,” one of the most manipulative devices on the planet) and no longer avoiding pain but rather transforming it.

Without incredibly developed transformation skills, people will not be able to tolerate the “yucky” transitional feelings of real transformation and will rationalize why they should “bail” from relationships. This running away short-circuits the healing process. Real transformation can feel very, very intense. And it will be too overwhelming for the untrained. They will mis-perceive themselves as being “under attack” or the relationship as “incompatible” or some other bullshit justification, without doing the transformation required to resolve whatever issues are coming to the surface. Which is why I simply will not get involved in any more sexual or romantic relationships with anyone who is not as committed to my healing method as I am.

To use an analogy, when I decided to make all of my products non-refundable, that was a very conscious decision. It is not unusual for a customer to purchase something from me and then “freak out” because their ego knows full well that its end is near if they commit to my method. I’ve had people have technical issues with a product that NOBODY else is having. I check their account and it’s working perfectly but they can’t get it to work. In these situations, many would ask for a refund if it were available. And they would therefore miss out on the HUGE opportunity for transformation. They are suffering from “psychological reversal” and because they have no choice but to stick it out, I can help them identify why they are resisting their own transformation and help them clear it. And then guess what happens when they follow my advice? The product starts working again without me doing anything physical to it.

Similarly, the other day we were having strange issues with the How to Attract Money with EFT Tapping and the 30-Day Anger Releasing Challenge. Normally a website owner would think “I need to fix this technical issue.” But someone highly trained in listening to the messages of the Universe understands this differently. The Universe was letting us know what “psychological reversal” we all needed to clear to get the products working again. In my private Facebook group, I gave my customers guidance from my intuition about how to use these technical issues as an opportunity for clearing. I followed my own advice, the same advice I had given them about clearing anger and abundance blocks – and after I did so, $8000 arrived in my inbox in TWO DAYS.

It’s the folks who quit in the middle who never see their miracles. It’s why my coaching policies are so stringent. Of all the people who ever took my 15-Week Miracle Coaching Program, I only had one ever quit in the middle. Predictably he blamed me for the entire situation even though he had no-showed for several of the sessions we did schedule and refused to do the homework. Of the many others who’ve taken the program, there were quite a few who might have quit if it weren’t for my policies. In many cases, the miracle happened right after the point of highest “tension” when they would have been most likely to quit. Very similar to what happened with Fritz the Cat when he was in the hospital.

People would have the same redemptive experiences in relationships but most don’t have the skills, the commitment, the courage, the integrity, the understanding, the self-awareness, or the tools to do so … And that is where I am simply no longer willing to go along with the mainstream patterns. In my view, sex is non-refundable. You want to have it with me? Then make a commitment to learn the skills to be able to stick it out even when the heat gets turned up very, very high. Make the same commitment I made with my cat to save him from kidney failure when the ego wanted me to concede defeat. Learn how to get the miracle in EVERY situation. Otherwise, I have more fulfilling things to do with my time. Thank you for listening.


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  1. I know the annoyance of people who don’t understand nonrefundable. This is especially true when it comes to digital products.

  2. Regardless of what the subject matter is, once you commit to something you should see it through. That guy created his own problem by not finishing your course – he has no one to blame but himself.

  3. Erika Awakening says:

    Below the Facebook comments on the post itself there is a box that says "Speak Your Mind." Comments there get saved in our database. Right now this Facebook comments thing is not working properly and is not saving the comments and they could get lost at some point.

  4. Erika Awakening says:

    Hi Lucy, oh I see your comment here. It looks like our Facebook integration is not working. I'm so sorry to trouble you – will you put it in the regular comments? otherwise we risk losing our conversation later as the comments won't be saved in the WordPress database …

  5. Lucy Jade Hind says:

    Erika Awakening Hey Erika, what regular comments do you mean?

  6. Dixie Lee says:

    Enjoyed the post, Erika! That was well said and well put. I think many can relate to the topics you speak of. Running away from the problem has never solved the issue for anyone. This is not to say that anyone should just put up with abuse in relationships but rather to learn what is going on inside of themselves that would cause them to attract such a situation into their reality.

  7. Lucy Jade Hind says:

    Makes perfect sense to me. I've been part of a "special relationship" for a bit over a year where the other person refuses to commit (to me but not someone else). The entire time I have known him, we have both used sex as a means to control each other and instead of actively participating in our own healing together, we either run away from each other when we feel forced to face the deep seated beliefs in ourselves that come bubbling to the service far too often for our liking OR we try to ignore it by intensifying the physical relationship and focusing purely on sex. I made the decision to focus on my own personal growth and try to escape that trap of a relationship but it's too easy to find myself dragged back in by someone who uses me to distract himself from his own issues that need his attention. I'm someone who is very upfront and is not afraid to face my own demons (even though I will hide from them for as long as possible) but he couldn't handle that so he walked away and committed to someone who is completely blind to recognising the need for personal growth. That's his way of ignoring the fact that he has to face himself and he didn't like the way being with me forced him to do that. Yet he still comes back to me… It's pathetic really.

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