New comment policy on the blog – non-violent communication only, please

Hey everyone,

As part of my contribution to the evolving global consciousness, I’ve decided to change my approach to comment approval around here.

I love your comments. Often your contributions to the discussion help me see things with new eyes, and your participation definitely motivates me to keep writing.

At the same time, I am wanting to create a safe space here for people to share their feelings and experiences without fear of being judged or ridiculed. I really like the atmosphere on Rori’s blog in that way.

Thus, I am implementing a “non-violent communication” comment policy. I don’t actually care if you use the NVC formula (which is “I feel ________ when I see/hear _____________ because my need for _________ is met/not met”). What matters to me is the consciousness of your comments.

Thus, you are welcome to disagree with me as vehemently as you like. My request is that you take full responsibility for your own emotions and experience, however. It’s fine to express anger, frustration, sadness, etc., even if it’s triggered by something I wrote. But realize this is YOUR experience and please refrain from attributing responsibility for your experience to me or anyone else.

That way, people can feel free to “riff” here with feeling messages and so forth without fear of being torpedoed by violent communication.

If your comment involves blaming, shaming, diagnosing, judging, analyzing, or criticizing me or anyone else, it will not be published. All of those violent communication practices contribute to separation and conflict between people. They don’t feel good to me or others, and I’m no longer willing to tolerate them here. Realize that when we reach for any of those practices, we are really trying to avoid our own uncomfortable feelings by pointing the finger at someone else. An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind, so please communicate responsibly :-)

To learn more about non-violent (compassionate) communication, I encourage you to check out Marshall Rosenberg’s official website.

Thanks for your understanding, please keep the comments coming, and if you have any concerns about this policy that you’d like to discuss with me, please email me at

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  1. hey Erika,

    i have all the love and respect for what you do. i think what you offer will tremendously enhance the lives of thousands or more.

    i was the one who was aggressively pushed your buttons. it was done with a divine purpose to assist you. one day at the right time, i will disclose who i am and may explain why i choose this course of action.

    the universe

  2. censoring the expressions of duality is interesting…

    what happens to the consciousness of this planet when people are free to express themselves even when they make 'mean' comments, and no one takes it personally? when the receiver of the so called 'mean' comments only look at the giver as only going through his/her own journey and understands it's nothing

  3. Drat! no more sarcastic comments to attacking bloggers…

    a valiant use of my masculine energy.

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