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Wow, I was just out on the street moving my car for the street sweepers. I had rolled out of bed, barely awake, and was wearing sweats and flip-flops and my hair all tousled. Not exactly glamour-puss.

As I was walking back, I was distracted with my iPhone but felt someone behind me so I stepped a bit to the side. A tall, handsome man passed me, and as he did so he gave me a smile and said “hi, how are you?” and this LOOK. My body lit up like a torch. If it weren’t 7 am, with him obviously on his way to work, who knows where that might have gone?

This is how much we are all communicating instantly, as I talked about in my 21 Convention speech.


Speaking of which, to whomever purchased a 21 Convention ticket off my site yesterday, thank you :-) People like you make a big difference in supporting this blog, and every little bit helps. I received an email from Dream telling me the good news, and it brought a big smile to my face. Thank you … you are appreciated :-)

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Finally, on the theme of appreciation (of me, yes, I appreciate appreciation too), I received this email from someone I did a session with a few weeks ago and wanted to share his follow-up for those who have been curious about longer-term results. This is what can happen for those who really make a commitment to transforming their lives:

I have been tapping quite a lot during the last week …, and I had a few realizations – I now look at Erika Awakening Coaching Page in a totally different way now.

At first, when I was first introduced to EFT, I used to tap the exact feeling I had – it reduced the intensity a bit but not more than that. Then I saw Magnus said you have to tap on your beliefs – I tapped hundreds of times on that, and I did see a change, especially when tapping on self esteem, but that wasn’t enough again. Then I read that I should tap the roots of the beliefs – the memories that caused me to believe in a certain way. That really didn’t help even a bit, and now I understand why.

Before our session, I traced the first memory where I felt anxiety around a girl – 6th grade, when the prettiest girl in our groupage first spoke directly to me. I tried tapping that but it didn’t really help, and after or session I understood – you said that what matters is how we interpret the situation! The problem wasn’t the feeling itself, but the beliefs I had then about that girl, which I have related to every hot girl in my life afterwards – as if what she said is sacred and I must do everything to earn her approval. I now understand I need to search for patterns I have, that were caused by the memory itself, and tap them.

This is really fascinating and I really feel I’m doing some work here. I’d like again to thank you. I hope everything is well with you (I’m still waiting for the e-book:)), and that we’ll have a chance to have another session in the future.

Nice :-) Thank you for sharing.

[I’m adding this additional info in response to Anonymous’ comment below: I think what my client is getting at is that most people teaching EFT are teaching versions of it that don’t result in real transformation. This is because they may address a particular superficial feeling, or even a superficial belief, but EFT only really works on what we succeed in bringing to conscious awareness. It’s not enough to bring the branches of the tree to conscious awareness. You must find and eradicate the pattern at its roots. What I teach people is to use EFT whilst also having a series of “aha!” moments about their belief system, including finding the original roots of their present-day issue. When they can clearly see the connection between a specific memory (e.g., girl not responding the way they hoped in third grade), their interpretation of it (e.g., I’m not attractive), their emotional response (e.g., fear of approaching girls) … and then see how they have carried that pattern forward, usually in a large number of subsequent events with the same emotional energetic pattern, we can usually clear the entire karmic loop out at once rather than have to keep addressing the same issue over and over again. Part of the value I add in facilitating these sessions is that I have been working with patterns like these for so long in so many different contexts that I can notice things the client is never going to notice about themselves, and I know how to help them dissolve the negative beliefs they formed about themselves from these seemingly “insignificant” memories.]

To sign up for a session like his so I can teach you what I taught him, Erika Awakening Coaching Page.


And, finally, I am shortly going to announce on here the 15-week curriculum for learning my extremely efficient and effective version of EFT. It’s so much more than EFT because I give an entire framework for understanding belief systems and how to transform them.

This course is $5000. It hasn’t even been announced yet, and I already have one confirmed signup and another very strong intuition about a second signup. This is a full-on mentorship program where I’ll teach you how to do what I do with yourself and other people, and it’s especially awesome because simultaneously we can work on one of your own goals and clear out all your limiting beliefs about it. Not only that, it can be applied to anything. None of this is limited to the dating/relationship arena. In fact, I expect with these students we’ll be addressing financial abundance and opportunities. This is a program that will give you the solution to any and every problem that ever arises in your life: these are The Keys to the Kingdom.

But this course is going to be so time intensive on my part that I’ll only be able to accept a few people into the program. Stay tuned. I am really, really excited about it :-)


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  1. Gayla

    I feel curious where can I find this meditation in SF?

  2. That should have read, "feeling emotions fully and using them in meditation can unlock the doors of many prisons within."

  3. That should have read, feeling emotions fully and using them in meditation can unlock the doors of many prisons within…

  4. Dear Anon,

    I did not realize there was a comment here for me til now… Meditation is many things… The meditation you are describing has to do with the mind… forms of Buddahist and Zen meditation, Ghangji and others observe the mind… focus there… and that's all good… no one thing holds all the answers… This kind of observation is including in the practice I was

  5. Anonymous says:

    Gayla… I think that's great if it works for you, but I'm not convinced that yelling and crying into a towel is meditation. It is indeed emotional release, but it's not meditation. Meditation is observing and being present without attaching to particular thoughts or emotions.

  6. Anon SKG,

    I'll add a bit more to the article now to elaborate a bit. It's not a two second answer though so I'm not sure it will feel fully satisfying to you.

    I work within a framework that is going to take about 15 sessions to teach to someone else, which means my elaboration here doesn't do it justice.

  7. Hi Erika,

    While waiting on a rather big answer from God right now, I thought I'd share this insight. I went to a meditation in SF last night, one I used to attend 2 or 3 times a week back in 2002 -2004. It is an emotional release based meditation where participants get a lot of support to release by crying, yelling into a towel, dancing like crazy and so on… It's pretty

  8. Anonymous says:

    Erika, thanks for posting this person's response, but could you please interpret what he's talking about? He's a bit unclear in what he's trying to express. Perhaps you might take one of your less personal beliefs you overcame using EFT, and shed light on what he's attempting to communicate. Thank you.

    Anon SKG

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