Why Moral Relativism Is Baloney And We Need To Wake Up

10 Biggest Lies We Tell Ourselves A picture of death, beckoning you to betray yourself and everyone elseThere is a Holocaust going on in our world, right under our noses. You see it every time you go to the grocery store. The carcasses of innocent creatures all on display for the taking, their lives torn away from them after a life of abject slavery. And if you’re like most people, you actually think this is “normal.” If you’re like most people, the dozens of massacred turkeys in the Facebook news feed seems perfectly “natural” and “okay.”

People ask why so few Germans spoke up to save the Jews. People feel horrified at the atrocities that were committed by the Khmer Rouge … and so moved and touched after visiting the Killing Fields, they go out for a nice “steak dinner.” Seeing absolutely no inconsistency between the two events. People feel shocked that so many whites stood by and did nothing to help the blacks during racial segregation, while going home to their segregated monogamous homes every night.

A few years ago, I thought my ex Mark Manson was some kind of anomaly. He sexually defrauded me and had no remorse about it whatsoever. His behavior has failed all standards of honesty or integrity, and as far as I can tell he has no conscience and no moral compass. I am not saying he “is” a sociopath. I am saying he has behaved like a sociopath. He is surrounded by co-dependent enablers who attempt to shield him from the consequences of his immoral and inexcusable behavior. Fortunately, God is a little smarter than the co-dependent enablers and Mark Manson Attracting Women with Dishonesty. This is not punitive, it is a wake-up call. If Mark Manson doesn’t wake up, he will destroy himself with his unethical behavior. So God in His mercy wakes us up, Mark Manson Attracting Women with Dishonesty.

What I have realized now is that my ex Mark Manson is just a cog in a machine. Unconscious, plugged into the Matrix. He is merely the living symptom of a sociopathic society that thinks nothing of grinding up sentient beings to make the all-important meaning of life: the Chicken McNugget. Of course, lying to women to get sex and walking away with no remorse is “no big deal” in a society that has no moral compass.

Moral relativism is killing us.

Yesterday on my Facebook, I had a long conversation with a woman who was attempting to justify her “choice” to eat meat in spite of the fact that it is obviously murder, human bodies don’t need meat or fish, and the animal agriculture industry is destroying the planet.

Talking to her felt chilling. The logical conclusion of her “moral” belief system is essentially that “death is part of life” and therefore anyone can kill anyone at anytime. And still nobody can say it’s “wrong.” Because … it’s all relative. And nothing means anything. And … my friends, this is INSANITY.

She literally sounded as cold and unfeeling in her complete lack of care for life as this man, and I am not exaggerating:

So … you want to be upset about a bunch of schoolchildren being massacred at Sandy Hook while you continue to participate in this Holocaust? Because it’s exactly the same thing – and EVERYONE knows this is wrong:

We cannot continue to participate in these atrocities. We cannot continue to “celebrate gratitude” around a morally bankrupt Thanksgiving centerpiece of slaughter and death. It is utter and complete hypocrisy. Either life is sacred and ALL of it must be protected. Or nobody has any right to complain when your child gets shot at school. Because if you are participating in this Holocaust, YOU are creating that outcome.

For the love of God, people …

Moral relativism is killing us.


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