How “Moral Relativism” Turned Us Into Serial Killers

Why Moral Relativism Is Baloney And We Need To Wake Up

10 Biggest Lies We Tell Ourselves A picture of death, beckoning you to betray yourself and everyone elseThere is a Holocaust going on in our world, right under our noses. You see it every time you go to the grocery store. The carcasses of innocent creatures all on display for the taking, their lives torn away from them after a life of abject slavery. And if you’re like most people, you actually think this is “normal.” If you’re like most people, the dozens of massacred turkeys in the Facebook news feed seems perfectly “natural” and “okay.”

People ask why so few Germans spoke up to save the Jews. People feel horrified at the atrocities that were committed by the Khmer Rouge … and so moved and touched after visiting the Killing Fields, they go out for a nice “steak dinner.” Seeing absolutely no inconsistency between the two events. People feel shocked that so many whites stood by and did nothing to help the blacks during racial segregation, while going home to their segregated monogamous homes every night.

A few years ago, I thought my ex Mark Manson was some kind of anomaly. He sexually defrauded me and had no remorse about it whatsoever. His behavior has failed all standards of honesty or integrity, and as far as I can tell he has no conscience and no moral compass. I am not saying he “is” a sociopath. I am saying he has behaved like a sociopath. He is surrounded by co-dependent enablers who attempt to shield him from the consequences of his immoral and inexcusable behavior. Fortunately, God is a little smarter than the co-dependent enablers and Mark Manson Attracting Women with Dishonesty. This is not punitive, it is a wake-up call. If Mark Manson doesn’t wake up, he will destroy himself with his unethical behavior. So God in His mercy wakes us up, Mark Manson Attracting Women with Dishonesty.

What I have realized now is that my ex Mark Manson is just a cog in a machine. Unconscious, plugged into the Matrix. He is merely the living symptom of a sociopathic society that thinks nothing of grinding up sentient beings to make the all-important meaning of life: the Chicken McNugget. Of course, lying to women to get sex and walking away with no remorse is “no big deal” in a society that has no moral compass.

Moral relativism is killing us.

Yesterday on my Facebook, I had a long conversation with a woman who was attempting to justify her “choice” to eat meat in spite of the fact that it is obviously murder, human bodies don’t need meat or fish, and the animal agriculture industry is destroying the planet.

Talking to her felt chilling. The logical conclusion of her “moral” belief system is essentially that “death is part of life” and therefore anyone can kill anyone at anytime. And still nobody can say it’s “wrong.” Because … it’s all relative. And nothing means anything. And … my friends, this is INSANITY.

She literally sounded as cold and unfeeling in her complete lack of care for life as this man, and I am not exaggerating:

So … you want to be upset about a bunch of schoolchildren being massacred at Sandy Hook while you continue to participate in this Holocaust? Because it’s exactly the same thing – and EVERYONE knows this is wrong:

We cannot continue to participate in these atrocities. We cannot continue to “celebrate gratitude” around a morally bankrupt Thanksgiving centerpiece of slaughter and death. It is utter and complete hypocrisy. Either life is sacred and ALL of it must be protected. Or nobody has any right to complain when your child gets shot at school. Because if you are participating in this Holocaust, YOU are creating that outcome.

For the love of God, people …

Moral relativism is killing us.


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  1. Clara Myers says:

    I've been thinking about how we treat animals in this country a lot lately. I feel like I have to become a vegetarian for political and health reasons. How awful to be born and spend your life in a cage never getting to act on your natural instincts and then to be butchered. It's really unconscionable to continue this practice.

    • Hi Clara,

      Thanks so much for your comment. Yea, many of us became so numb to the cruelty. I sure wasn’t in touch with my real feelings about this for many years. I’m glad you’re considering being vegetarian. I was vegetarian first and then later went vegan as I learned about the practices in the dairy and egg industries :( Hummus has now become one of my primary meat and cheese replacements. Hummus is a complete protein! I have a really wonderful recipe for home-made hummus if you are interested in trying it :)

  2. What exactly are you saying here? Can you answer these questions?
    1. Are early tribes – such as Indigenous Australians or American Indians- “evil” because they killed & ate meat literally for survival?
    2. Are animals evil because they hunt & kill other animals to eat? (Note, not all animals kill & eat cos they need to survive, some eat plants also & choose to eat meat)
    3. What about people who eat meat because their health is SERIOUSLY compromised if they don’t?
    This whole piece comes across as a bit judgemental sorry to say.

    • Erika Awakening says:

      Hi Angela,

      Thanks for commenting. We need to stop believing in the “truth” of the world we see. If we keep perpetuating what we see, we will continue to get what we’ve gotten. Which is sickness, misery, and death.

      This is not about judgment, though when I wrote this article my own pain may have come across as judgment. It’s about putting our foot in the sand, deciding what kind of world we want to live in (i.e., one where people don’t go kill six people in Santa Barbara because they’ve been trained their whole life that life has no value), and then act accordingly.

      To think that what “tribes” or “animals” do excuses us doing it is to give our power away. We created all of it, so rather than follow it blindly we need to lead it … back to a place of life, healing, and compassion.

      Appreciate you taking the time to comment.


    • For me I do not see the Indigenous people or Native American Indians as evil, why would you? They did not treat the animals the way the big corporate farmers are treating the animals now, have you looked at some of the videos out there that show animals being slaughtered? There have been many animals escaping from the slaughter houses. I do volunteer work at the Gentle Barn who rescue these type of animals and the animals truly appreciate that they have been rescued. Look at this in a bigger picture then being judgmental of how you can be a drop in the lake that brings many ripples of compassion and love out to others.

      • Erika Awakening says:

        Hi Joseph,

        I’m not a fan of factory farming and I agree it’s much worse than anything Native Americans did. Nor do I idolize Native Americans. We have to stop killing. It doesn’t matter if it’s blessed and romanticized. It doesn’t matter if “our ancestors did it” or “the animals do it to each other” – none of these arguments are persuasive – we have to stop killing.

        yes of course animals are sentient beings just like us.

  3. Wille zur macht says:

    Nice to see liberals admitting that the reality of moral relativism threatens their religious ideology.

  4. For your own good… move on.

    You think you’re the only who’s ever been hurt? You come off as crazy when you bash a guy you dated 5 years ago (making it way less like likely Mr. Right will pop into your life.)

    You’re a sexy, beautiful woman. But you as someone who claims to have studied Course in Miracles should know to let go of the past.

    • Erika Awakening says:

      actually the key is letting go of the special relationship and sex altogether … then all of this simply becomes meaningless … :)

  5. @ Madison Dives, you said:

    “…To me with what I know, its completely ludicrous to kill plants but not kill animals also…”

    On first thought this might sound logical, but let’s look a little deeper here.

    Yes, plants also want to live. They most probably feel pain to a certain extent. Therefore killing plants also causes suffering.

    So what to do? ‘Give up’ and just kill those animals?

    Why not come to the following conclusion: Do the LEAST of harm!

    Animals have a complex nervous system and hence feel pain as strongly as we do. From direct observation it’s absolutely obvious that they also feel complex emotion such as fear.

    Plants do MOST PROBABLY feel LESS intense pain and emotions.

    Hence, do the least of harm and stop killing animals.

    • Erika Awakening says:

      Not only that – it’s absolutely ridiculous to claim that an apple tree is hurt by eating an apple. The apple tree will WILLINGLY drop its fruit to the ground if we don’t pick it.

      It is the difference between a gift and stealing or murder. And that people cannot seem to grasp this is absolutely horrifying to me and why I wrote this article:

      We need a solid system of values in this world that serves the highest good of everyone. And if people can’t get the difference between a gift and murder, I honestly don’t even know where to begin…

    • Plants do not have any central nervous system a heart, a brain. Why people come up with nonsense about plants feeling pain for an excuse to eat animals is ridicules!

      • Erika Awakening says:

        Yes I agree there is no comparison, and yet plants also are living creatures to be treated with respect. We can eat fruits and vegetables and nuts without killing anything. These are gifts from the plants. I think we need to give deep consideration to everything else, such as plants that must be killed to be eaten, trees that are cut down for construction and so forth … we must stop killing if we wish to save ourselves.

  6. Madison DInes says:


    Uuuugh, this one is beneath me.

    If you claim to be so aware of the machinations of the universe, you’ll already know how the highest vibrational forces, the Celestials, and what we call “Gods” are the absolute most tolerant, understanding creatures in the very universe.

    In fact, the only creatures in the Astral I’ve ever met who are totally hung up on this whole good and evil, right and wrong thing? They’re the Demons.

    The minute you show up talking to them in full love, kindness, and acceptance, they freak out and try to run away.

    Because their very existence, or our illusions (and their illusions) about it are that anything could possibly be wrong in the first place.

    The biggest, and most powerful spiritual weaponry you have against the forces of illusion and heavy vibrations? Deny that there’s anything wrong with them in the first place. That’s how you come to world peace.

    • Erika Awakening says:

      Unless your Facebook News Feed was full of roasted apples instead of turkeys, my dear friend, I think we can see that denial hasn’t been working very well … You can say “oh it’s just the illusion of slaughter and murder” but frankly illusion or not, the illusion of pain sucks … and since we can be free of it, we might as well … We won’t ever be free of it while inflicting it on others …

      • Madison DInes says:

        Its as true and accurate an illusion as joy or rapture though. Ultimately the point of total understanding is a thoroughly “meh” force. You don’t see Buddhist monks who’ve been in meditation for years having much of a reaction to anything. Even the Dalai Llamas most common reaction to the world is one of hilarity. He’s always, always laughing.

        Because this whole joke is so damn funny! God has a profound sense of humor. I mean, even the ugly things and illusions are hilarious!

        Namely because everyone takes them so damn seriously. That’s whats really funny, that there’s nothing but paradox, and logic cannot possibly explain what’s going on. Yet we take our machinations and stories with so much authority and pomp!

        Hah! Oh silly monkeys that we are!

        Facts are, we can’t avoid pain. And the universe is the only thing that runs our life, not the other way around. No amount of wishing, dreaming, or questing will make the universe completely align to your human will. Or even close enough not to troll you hilariously every once in awhile.

        You’re forgetting the most important thing here. We, as multi-dimensional beings that are illusory anyways didn’t show up on Earth to go make it into our perfect Eden. We showed up here to fuck up royally and be pathetic, stinky humans for awhile.

        Its a royal privilege to be able to become a physically apparate body. In an environment like the high astral where we’re living, all there is is rapture. The energies don’t move around too much, there’s no need to.

        Becoming a human to a high astral being? Fun as shit. Here we get to fuck up, get laid, murder people, get murdered, invent religion, and generally do the kinds of things you would do if you only knew love and peace.

        After all, how could a high astral being ever grow to its own potential if it cannot also understand profound suffering?

        Here on Earth, everything is relative because every dimension gets to play out its existence here. Including the ugly ones where nothing but suffering exists.

        If your spirit is like mine, then you showed up with the intention of helping to make things better (despite the obvious paradoxes in that notion). But “as above, so below”. Poor people are never going to want to hear advice on happiness from rich people, are they? Are women going to want to hear advice about dealing with menstrual cramps from men?


        NO!!! Of course not! Here’s where your notions are so silly.

        From someone who has a wealth of allies and friends that I’ve helped convert in the astral from low vibrational realms, I can tell you with a far more educated understanding of what is happening than most people. Thanks for the gift Dharma!

        Anyways, people, just like astral beings of all stripes, only want to listen to anyone who truly understands where they’re coming from. The advice of a successful survivor is worth a hell of a lot more to people than some rich person who has never seen a lick of significant suffering.

        The biggest reason why suffering is valuable, no, necessary. Essential. Priceless. Worth more than happiness or joy, I’ll even venture that far.

        Ahem, the biggest reason is because without personally understanding suffering, hate, and malicious “evil” the beings plagued by it won’t give a fuck what you think. And you can’t help them with their personal release.

        Your biggest problem Erika, is that you’re holding the same judgemental, low-vibrational point of view about what suffering is, and what we should do with it. The fact that you recoil from it, reject it, flee from it, hate it even? That shows to every being you could help that your advice is not worth it. If you can’t bother to understand them, and give them genuine, selfless, non-judgemental love, they’ll never let their guard down enough so that you can hear them.

        And trust me, they have some incredibly powerful things to teach us which help our own life. And not by being shittier, they help us to be more resilient, more happy, more light, more powerful, more complete.

        Because, and maybe you didn’t know this already, so here’s a special little secret that I get to share with you.

        In order to bind your spirit to the physical plane, your high vibrational self has to meld completely with every single shade of vibration in the universe, from the highest Siddhic, to the lowest Demonic, and everything in between.

        You effectively have become both an angel, and a demon at the same time. You’re just as likely to become Mother Theresa, as you are to become Jeffery Dahlmer.

        And there is no cathartic, total system release until you can accept that which you are, from the ugliest to the most beautiful. And in so doing, you accept it in everything else around you.

        That is why the real root of this catharsis lies in the total acceptance of everything, or as you like to call it “moral relativism”.

        The only way to escape the cycle of judgement is to stop being judgement in any, and every capacity yourself.

        And this is why the highest vibrations in the Universe are so accepting and as you would say, “morally relativistic”.

        Your framework for understanding the issue is not yet rooted in a state where you can do the work you aim to do.

        The paradox being that once you actually reach that state, your predilection for doing anything tends to drop out the window.

        The concept of sin is purely separation from god. But you can never be separate, even the existence of sin itself is just a mechanism that god has allowed so that you have the privilege of existing in the first place.

        Go find yourself a decent Ayahuasca shaman, or a Santo Daime church in your area. Go stand face to face with Adolf Hitler. And give that punk-ass a big, giant hug. Because that’s what he needs. And your act of being graceful, loving, and non-judgemental even to a person that evil? That is worth 10,000 lifetimes of good deeds done by anyone else.

        You want to undermine evil? Accept it, ignore its violence and delusion, and give it a hug from a place of grace and pure kindness.

        This world is not perfect (nor will it ever be, even though it already is. Paradox fun!) and until we as humans have done our fair share of healing to the lowest vibrational realms, these challenges will still come up.

        But by hating on them, judging them, wounding them deeper (which you’re obviously doing) you’re doing just like what fundamentalist Jews, Christians, and Muslims do. You’re actually causing more suffering.

        Any confused, angry, scared spirit who comes up to you and you say “EEEEEEEEWWWWW!!! You’re so GROSSS!!!! Get AWAY from me!!! You and all your kind are everything that’s holding this world back!!!” is gonna go slink right back into its hole with a whole new pile of self-hate and recrimination, and frankly, that’s all your fault.

        Don’t be a meany pants Erika. Until you can think like a Libra, and stop thinking like an Aquarius, you’ll never be able to transcend the barriers of perspective you’ve built for yourself.

        It always takes Fixed signs a little bit longer to figure this stuff out than it takes the Mutable or Cardinal signs. I love it when you guys actually have your “no duh” moments though, because your boundless energy and drive makes for some powerful medicine.

        But first, you need to realize that the very act of judgement itself is putting a glass ceiling on top of your power and spiritual growth.

        You’re an Aquarius, and you guys tend to come up very strong with a particular angle of the universe.

        However, just because you have “an” angle does not mean you have “the” angle. Until you can embody “the” angle, you’ll be limited on your abilities.

        TTFN!!! Tata for now!

      • Erika Awakening says:

        Judgment and honesty are not the same thing.

      • Erika Awakening says:

        Also I am not an Aquarius and I seriously do not understand where people sometimes come up with these comments. What often gets dished out as “information” or “facts” is just projection.

        We’ve had many views expressed on these posts, and still I do not see anyone has thought about this as long or as carefully as I have. While I may not always have found the perfect words … what I’ve written here is the truth … and deep down everyone knows it. Monogamy must go. And so must eating meat and fish. The sooner, the better.

      • Madison Dines says:

        A profile of you has your birthday listed as February 15th, 1985. It’s on the internet, I haven’t bothered to try reading into anything about your spirit because that’s a waste of my time.

        Not gonna happen. Neither of those things. I am actually a hunter, and I do so because believe it or not, an enormous component of both human survival and our own evolution as a species has come down to the consumption of meat. In many areas, there are no other alternatives (Extreme Northern Canada and Alaska, The Sahara, Japan, most island nations, much of Sub Saharan Africa)

        And a huge amount of animals do it too. The organization of energy into great beings at all comes down entirely to their consumption of other things. We can’t get away from it.

        Thankfully nature has already built some very merciful tools into us, namely shock (which makes you go completely numb) for when we die.

        And at a certain point, I eat meat, and kill it myself because I feel responsible for the act of taking life. Being aware of it and honoring it is the only way to appreciate it.

        And I’m telling you from experience, and it’s pretty damn obvious. Honesty itself is purely a form of judgment. You’re fixating a point of view out of the infinite points of view that exist, and use its lens to qualify the actions of others. There’s nothing holistic, and there’s nothing vastly accurate about it. It’s a projection. From your own mind.

        If you were to truly be honest, you’d be simultaneously understanding the world from their viewpoint, yours, and all the others also to a lesser degree.

        That kind of honesty takes time to foster. You’re attempting to bend the world into your own understanding. From someone who has recognized when he himself was doing that, I feel qualified to tell you this from a place of understanding.

        And you can’t heal anything by holding it in judgement. Your limited perspective of what honesty is ignores the fact that you never bothered to grasp things from the opposite points of view. You’ll see countless bouts of resistance here, but you’re completely convinced of your own position, yet have not bothered to recognize that the world doesn’t want to do things your way. People want to live their own lives, not yours.

      • Erika Awakening says:

        If you seek to take a thing from someone else, you will have nothing left.

        That is not judgment, it is honesty. By killing, you are judging. So stop being a hypocrite.

      • Madison DInes says:

        Erika, the only way you can be karmically neutral with the world for the food you eat is to do it like the Jainists do.

        You can only eat vegan, and can only eat that which does nothing to damage the life of the plant you’re eating it from. I.E, you can only eat fruit. No leafy greens, no potatoes, no onions, no garlic, no carrots, no to many, many other things.

        Because while plants may not have a centralized nervous system, they have a sophisticated sense of pain and danger, just like animals do.

        Animals just scream when you kill them, which is what gets people so up in a tizzy about it.

        To me with what I know, its completely ludicrous to kill plants but not kill animals also. You choose one or the other. You can’t have both, at least not if you’ve taken such a regimental view of karma with regards to animals.

        Also, no one would ever argue that a top predator, like a Snake, or a Lion is committing karmic war crimes for eating meat. They literally cannot live without it. They starve to death. Even vegans who supplement their cat’s diets with taurine will slowly watch their cats get sick and die away.

        Besides, only if you think death is a bad thing, or a permanent ending of something does this sound horrible to you.

        Death is essential. Without it, there’s no opportunity for nature to evolve and grow. Animals need to die, and chemically its inevitable. But the act of death, and the creation of life is what allows new genetics to enter the system of the world. Animals don’t survive when they exceed the ecosystems ability to feed them. So after awhile, an animal that lives forever will stop breeding.

        If that happens, all it takes is one bad, freak winter to destroy a population in a way that it never comes back.

        Death is actually essential for the survival of the species for this reason. We die, so that we can get out of the way for new and improved life to grow.

        Perfect examples already exist on earth. Lots of old, prejudiced, racist white people are steadily dying off, and by their dying, they no longer can attempt to poison the changing culture with their tired old ways of thinking and acting. If those old people didn’t die, we couldn’t write our own stories, because they would be so determined to write ours for us.

        Same thing will happen when we’re old. We’ll be roadblocks on the way to progress, and because we’ve outlived our usefulness to our species, best we just get out of the way and let humanity continue to grow.

        That may sound cold and heartless, but its pure biology here. And its accurate from both a social and an evolutionary standpoint. The world is too dynamic and fluid to allow old perspectives to reign over new ones. And so old people have to die, or else we freeze our reality completely in their tired, homophobic, judgemental, racist, delusional old ways.

        Not saying I won’t miss them, or care about them. This is just the way it is. Fear of death is really just fear of change. Fear of that which you do not yet know. Fear of being completely transformed into something you don’t know or understand.

      • Erika Awakening says:

        Fear of death is bowing down to ego idols. You are the Holy Son of God Himself. Death is like … pshaw … For fuck’s sake.

      • Madison, you are sooooooo close. I agree we accept all people doing “evil” things in a non-judgmental way. They remain as God created them, perfect. They are us, the whole range of Mother Theresa to Dahmer, as you mention. They are either extending love or calling for it.

        As a person who’s signed hundreds of petitions, tried to get others involved, prayed up a shitstorm, given money, etc. towards causes like trying to stop animals from being skinned and boiled alive in so many countrys, the only thing that has brought me any peace from the intensity I was feeling is to lovingly join in my spirit with the torturers and tell them they are blameless, healed and whole. I reinforce the truth of who they are, understanding that people who become healed enough to know they are blameless have no need for such actions. They do not have self-hatred and apathy to project onto others.

        HOWEVER, where you are missing it is in saying:

        “And this is why the highest vibrations in the Universe are so accepting and as you would say, “morally relativistic”.”


        “You want to undermine evil? Accept it, ignore its violence and delusion, and give it a hug from a place of grace and pure kindness.”

        The highest beings may “accept” but that does not mean they participate. It is impossible to participate in such things as you ascend. That is also why we don’t “ignore” violence. We accept and love in whatever inspired action form that takes, but to “ignore it and give it a hug” as a rule accomplishes only one thing: You have just judged the victim of being of less value than the offender. By preventing or addressing violence we give love to the victim. To have an “ignore and hug” policy towards violent behavior means we give love to the offender at expense to the victim.

        I have been thinking through this issue for 2 decades via a personal situation.

        You are welcome to participate in moral relativism, hunting, etc. and claim you are ascending, but Erika is dead right. She is participating in honesty, not judgment. The only reason you would call it judgment is if you feel convicted in some way. Truth threatens all delusions and all that is not love. It’s a motherfucker. :)

      • Erika Awakening says:

        This is one of the greatest misconceptions in the world of healing. “Acceptance” does not mean accept murder. And it surely does not mean participate in it. An idea leaves not its source. Everyone must cleanse their lives of all violent practices as well as violent beliefs. The Holy Spirit is evaluative. That which causes us pain, including all death, sickness, and suffering, must be abolished by the fastest means possible. And any “healer” who tells you otherwise does not have the foggiest clue what healing means.

  7. I found myself meditating quite a bit on this “third way” of which you speak, and I believe that the key is empathy. When we empathically connect with another, our happiness is predicated on their happiness. What brings them bliss truly brings you bliss because you feel what they feel. Anger and rage should never, ever result from discovering passions in someone you love. Learning who this person is and what makes them special is what it is all about. Two people who have empathically connected are advocates for one another, and happiness becomes a feedback loop that should define any healthy and loving relationship.
    Empathy works for every issue we face. How can you eat an animal if you feel what this animal feels? If the experience is shared? If we connect with lives outside of our own, and feel what they feel, we see our world differently. Empathy, I believe, is what breaks these cycles of violence and both societal institutions will disintegrate as people become more aware that you are me, I am you, we are all one.

  8. Truth Seeker says:

    I have a lot I’ve been wanting to say about your articles. However, I only want to bring up one comment here: your articles lose a lot of steam when you spend the majority of them bashing your ex-bf (or, according to him, someone you spent one weekend with and have been badmouthing ever since). I know you will most likely respond by posting a link to some other blog post you wrote or defend it by saying that you are not angry but you just want him to be honest…but you must realize that you only come off as an angry ex who won’t take responsibility for her own feelings and actions.

    • Erika Awakening says:

      Hi Co-Dependent Enabler,

      Mark Manson already has enough co-dependent enablers trying to “shield” him from the consequences of his months of lies, which were very recently followed up by more lies as he was too much of a coward to face me … so he lied to a professional organization to get me blacklisted.

      The man behaves like a sociopath with no moral compass. You as a co-dependent enabler are not helping.

      If he is in fact a man, which is seriously in question at this point, let him face his shit like a man. You have no business getting involved in the situation at all, other than to avoid your own uncomfortable feelings which is what co-dependent enablers do.

      Thank you,

      • “Truth seeker,” have you been reading Erika’s blogs? She takes full responsibility for her role and describes those specific points intimately and humbly. Would you really want a world where we all walk around graciously denying anyone else’s bad behavior and pretneding all is well? It’s very Stepford Wives. As for me, I have learned A TON vicariously through Erika’s insights that I wouldn’t have if she played pretend as you are trying to shame her into. As a Truth Seeker, does the truth ever hurt? Or does it lick you like a puppy all day long? Anyway.

      • Erika Awakening says:

        I learned above all else that I will probably be permanently celibate. There is a reason these men in these relationships have had such poor character and lied, cheated, and stole to get sex. It’s because sex is body identification and is of the ego. It took me a long, long time to see the lesson the Holy Spirit was trying to teach me in these otherwise impossible-to-forgive situations … and now that I get it, it all just seems meaningless. And no matter how it appears on the outside, any other woman who is with these men sexually will find herself in a very low vibration and ultimately it results in pain, sickness, suffering, and death. The end of the ego is the end of the special relationship.

    • I’ve had a very liberal comments policy and here I simply am going to drawn the line. Nobody who is commenting has any understanding of the situation except me. I would be happy to publish Mark Manson’s months of lies that he sent me via text message and email to get me to have sex with him. However, he is so scared of that information being public that he threatened to sue me. We are not going to have comments here from people with half-baked speculation about the situation.

      Mark Manson is a man who needs to face up to the problems he created. He does after all teach courage and honesty, he just doesn’t live it. If you want to understand how holding him accountable meshes with what I teach, you can go here:

      He is obviously not helping himself by avoiding the situation because he’s been getting defrauded all year, which is exactly what I said in the Twelve Reasons article. You cannot escape from “negative” people. They must be faced. So Co-Dependent Enablers, please step aside and let the man face himself without you coddling him with bullshit. Thank you.

    • If you’d like to comment further on a situation that you know nothing about … get him to agree to me publishing his private correspondence which will show the world a whole other side of Mark Manson that he’d rather nobody ever get to see. A dishonest, hateful, very unpleasant side of the man … Then at least you’ll be making informed comments.

      Tough love is a very important part of my coaching system. This man who has been coddled for years by co-dependent enablers and ran away from this instead of addressing it with integrity … needs no more excuses made for him, nobody interfering, and a LOT of tough love.

      Apparently God agrees with me:

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