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Hey everyone,

Over the past year, quite a few graduates and students of my 15-Week Miracle Coaching Program have said to me:

“I want to do what you do.”

And I can certainly see why they say that. To me, there is NOTHING more fulfilling on this planet than helping people turn their lives around and fulfill their dreams through my Holistic Belief Reprogramming (HBR) system.

When you add to that I now make a very healthy income working from home, running my own coaching and healing business, and dramatically improving other people’s lives at the same time that my own life gets better and better … well, who WOULDN’T want to do it?

There is a downside, of course: to be a good teacher and practitioner of HBR — someone who can facilitate miracles for yourself and others, consistently, week in and week out — you pretty much have to UNLEARN almost everything that you’ve learned in this lifetime, and LEARN an entirely new approach to money, relationships, career, and pretty much your whole life.

What a college education once was (we all know that a college education isn’t nearly so valuable these days), my 15-Week Miracle Coaching Program now is. What grad school once was, these new Advanced Practice & Integration Courses now are.

(And, wow, do I wish I’d had these options when I went to college and law school — I could have spent far less money and time and I could have learned something far more valuable by doing these Miracle programs. After people learn my system, they have the keys in their hands to recreate their entire life top to bottom at record speed.)

Because our culture has stifled people SO much, and many people gave up on their dreams a long time ago … it’s not surprising that many of my 15-Week program students realize something when miracles start happening during their coaching with me. After it becomes clear that they really CAN have so much more in their life, it also becomes clear that the life path they’ve been on for the past few years is NOT their true life purpose and NOT what they really want to be doing. My students start to understand just how unlimited and amazing they really are, and with that new-found self-appreciation comes the realization:

“I can do so much more in this lifetime.”

Yes, you can. Ask and you will receive.

And it’s also not surprising — given the power of this method, and the fact that it’s actually a lot of fun once you get the hang of it — that my students have been asking for more in-depth HBR mentoring programs that will empower them to do what I do: joyfully make money while also helping your clients in a very meaningful way.

That’s why I’ve created this brand new Advanced Practice & Integration series of courses for graduates of my 15-Week Miracle program.

The intention of these intensive mentoring programs is to give you such a high level of proficiency with HBR that I would be willing to trade sessions with you rather than having you pay me. And the standard here is a very high one, because for that to be worth it to me, you would need to be able to help me get bigger breakthroughs with your assistance than I am able to get for myself. When you are practicing HBR at that level of competency, I will be willing to certify you as an official HBR coach because I want to be able stand behind anything with the HBR name on it 100%.

Before reading further, please understand that these programs require a significant financial investment on your part.  For every hour of private Skype or telephone mentoring that I provide to you, I have invested and will be investing hundreds of unpaid hours and an enormous amount of money in your development as a coach. At this point, I have also invested somewhere in the neighborhood of $200,000 in creating this coaching method and this business.  As a certified HBR coach, you will be taking advantage of a coaching method, marketing methods, internet presence, copyrights, and branding that I have invested YEARS and a LOT of money in creating (please email me for details about how you will be permitted to use the HBR intellectual property and branding in your marketing).  It’s no different than when I went to Harvard Law School, which required a HUGE upfront financial investment from me in order to get a credential and training that ultimately paid for itself.  And this is not a school like Harvard with hundreds of people, it’s ONE-ON-ONE private and customized coaching to prepare you for a brand-new life purpose and career. If you want to be an HBR coach, you are going to put some real skin in the game.  Prepare yourself for high five-figure tuition investments for these programs, and these are introductory prices — the tuition will go up, so please commit now if you want this value pricing. Refresh yourself about my coaching policies because this is a firm commitment.

Also keep in mind, whereas the 15-Week Miracle Coaching Program is intended more as a personal development program, or to add some tools to your repertoire as a coach, these advanced mentoring programs are intended to launch you as a certified HBR coach.  In the 15-Week program, if you opt not to meditate and tap and challenge your comfort zone every day and therefore you don’t get spectacular results, that’s okay so long as you take responsibility for it.  That is NOT okay if you want to be a certified HBR coach.  Because I am committed to HBR being THE most powerful system of personal transformation on the planet, you MUST do all the between-session practices, including practicing every day and finding and working with clients every single week.  Expect to be actually practicing HBR on yourself and others a minimum of 3-5 hours per day during the entire program. This is NOT a “get rich quick” scheme. It is true that, now, after dedicating myself to this business with all my heart and soul, I am making an income well over six figures, but that is not a guarantee or representation of what you will earn. What I am offering is an in-depth education that requires significant commitment on your part, and your results will largely be determined by how much dedication you put into our program together and into your own business.  I will not certify you unless you can demonstrate a level of proficiency in HBR coaching that both of us can be proud of — so make sure you are fully committed before you sign up for these programs.

Here’s a sketch of what the Advanced Integration & Practice programs will look like, with optional add-ons so you can customize it to your particular needs, desires, and business model:


If it has been a while since you took the 15-Week Miracle Coaching Program, you will need to get refreshed on the curriculum before we begin the advanced mentoring program.  If you recorded our sessions, you can listen to them again several times to refresh yourself.  If you opted not to record them, email me and I will send you your full set of 15 audio recordings for $597 (normally $750).  This convenience fee covers my time and energy spent locating, organizing, and transferring your files.

You may feel that it would be more beneficial for you to do your review course in person with me.  Or you may want to “get” the teachings at a deeper level.  You may have new questions to ask me about the teachings now that you’ve absorbed all the material and have had a chance to practice it for a while.  This optional 4-Session Miracle Review Course, consisting of four 80-minute sessions, will get you back up to speed on everything we covered in the 15-Week Miracle Program. These sessions do not need to be spaced a week apart, so we can cover everything in one or two weeks if you are (understandably) eager to begin the advanced mentoring programs described below.

Please email me at to learn more and to make scheduling and payment arrangements (serious inquiries only, please).


What we are going to accomplish in this brand new 10-Week “Advanced Miracle” program is help you integrate the theories and practices from the 15-Week Miracle Coaching Program at such a DEEP level that you can go out and start a coaching and healing business of your own and use the fundamental teachings of my system to give your clients super-powerful sessions.  Assuming that you are practicing HBR at a high level of proficiency by the end of the ten weeks, I will also certify you as a Certified Level 1 HBR Coach.

This program consists of ten 80-minute Skype sessions with me, spaced one week apart. During the first two sessions, we will address and clear any remaining blocks you have about money, your abilities as a coach/healer, obstacles to changing your identity from what you’ve been doing to your new life purpose, and anything else that we feel is still “blocking” you from developing your full potential.

During sessions three through nine, we will spend at least 30 minutes of each session having you apply HBR to another person who will be on the Skype/telephone line with us, and I will guide you in perfecting your technique. Past clients have been amazed how much they learned by having a third person present during a session. During at least two of these sessions, you will also apply the techniques in a mini-session with ME, so I can give you direct feedback about how accurate your intuitions are and so you can develop a comfort level applying the techniques in high-pressure situations.  We will also cover essential coaching topics more in-depth, such as expectation management for your clients, the delivery of “tough love,” and how to present intuitive guidance without triggering resistance and defensiveness in your clients.

In between each of the ten sessions, you will be required to practice HBR with several volunteers or clients.  Plan to practice with yourself and others at least 3-5 hours per day for the entire program.  I will provide email support to you about any issues or problems that arise in the sessions you are doing. We will also use part of our call time to apply HBR to clear any remaining blocks or limiting beliefs we are noticing that are showing up in your practice.

During the tenth session, we will do a final integration and clearing to prepare you to take your coaching and healing practice to the next level.

** You MUST be refreshed on the full 15-Week Miracle program BEFORE starting this 10-Week Advanced Miracle program.  We are not going to review the 15-Week course in this program, and you must be up to speed on the entire curriculum to begin this Advanced course.  So if it’s not fresh in your mind, see your options above for getting everything fresh in your mind again.

Please email me at to learn more and to make scheduling and payment arrangements (serious inquiries only, please).

Please also note that I already have one 15-Week Miracle graduate signed up and paid for the Level 1 certification course. He has paid the full $30,000, and to be fair to him, there will be no discounts on this program. You can expect the tuition will only go up from here … Frankly, the value of this program is far higher than the tuition because we are training you for a new career where you can make good money if you are committed and dedicated. Of course, how much value you get out of any coaching program is ultimately up to you. I make absolutely no guarantee or representation about how much money you can or will make, because that ultimately is up to YOU. Your level of investment and commitment is one of the most important factors, based on my own personal experience and my extensive experience working with clients.


The 10-Week “Advanced Miracle” Level 1 certification program described above is intended to get your skills as an HBR practitioner to the level that you can give super-powerful applied-HBR sessions. If you would like to teach the 15-Week Miracle Coaching program itself, then another level of training is required. It is very important to me to ensure that anyone who is teaching my 15-Week Course be teaching it at a very high level of quality.

The “Miracle Master” Level 2 certification program will consist of seven 80-minute sessions.  You must be fully refreshed on the 15-Week curriculum before we begin this program (see above).  In this program, YOU will be “teaching” the 15-Week Miracle curriculum to me.  And I will be providing you with feedback about how to make your teaching more effective, how to use intuition to customize the curriculum, and how to make everything easier for both you and your clients through advanced expectation management and by nurturing your client relationships.  Your clients are some of your MOST valuable team members (eventually they may even become your collaborators), and it is essential for the success of your business that you cultivate deep, authentic, and win/win relationships with them. To the extent that we have time, we will also apply HBR to release any remaining “blocks” that you have to taking your coaching practice to the next level, including enhancing your beliefs about money and abundance as much as possible.

Assuming that you are practicing HBR at a high level of proficiency AND have shown that you can teach the 15-Week program in an effective way by the end of the seven weeks, I will also certify you as a Certified Level 2 HBR Coach who can teach the 15-Week course to others (please email for details about how you will be permitted to use the HBR intellectual property in your marketing).

Please email me at to learn more and to make scheduling and payment arrangements (serious inquiries only, please).


This will be a three-session add-on devoted to creating and/or refining your coaching and healing website, generating traffic, using social media marketing, and other ways to enhance your online business. I will also help you save tremendous time and energy by addressing how to avoid pitfalls of internet marketing (how I wish someone had taught me these things).

During our three 80-minute sessions, I will be giving you many practical tips that I learned along the way, but this add-on will go beyond what other internet marketing tutorials can teach you because we will also apply HBR to clear any remaining blocks you may have (such as fear of being seen, fear of success, fear of failure, and other common fears that can prevent even the best website from being successful in the way that really matters: supporting you financially in a lifestyle that you really enjoy while you help others and do what you love).

This program includes email support for three weeks, and I will guide you in creating your website if you don’t already have one, or improving your website if you’ve got it up and running already.  This program does not include technical assistance with the tech side of internet marketing.  However, I can connect you with people who will help you with the tech side for very reasonable rates.

We will also cover topics that most internet marketing programs neglect, such as how to choose a credit card processor and what to do if you run into obstacles (it took me YEARS to learn all the secrets I’m going to teach you in this priceless three day program).  You might consider this “the lazy person’s approach to internet marketing,” because I’m going to show you how to do all of this the EASY way, freeing up your time and energy to focus on your coaching/healing practice and other activities that you LOVE.

Please email me at to learn more and to make scheduling and payment arrangements (serious inquiries only, please).


All of these new programs are by application only. You can email me at Erika@ErikaAwakening to learn more and to make scheduling and payment arrangements (serious inquiries only, please).

You must complete my 15-Week Miracle Coaching program (read more here) to be eligible for the 10-week and 7-week advanced mentoring programs.

The 3-session internet marketing program is open to anyone. If you have not completed my 15-Week Miracle training programs, we will adapt the course to YOUR business and your interests.

I am so looking forward to helping you create the HBR coaching business of your dreams.

Your friend,

Erika Awakening

p.s.  I absolutely have practiced what I preach about the importance of investing in yourself by getting personal coaching.  I worked as a waitress to pay for my college education, and bought myself the priceless opportunity of being surrounded in college by people who had a much higher vibration about money than my family.  Then I took out major student loans to pay for law school (that education also quickly paid for itself).  Since my near-death experience a few years ago, I’ve invested somewhere in the neighborhood of $200,000 learning the technologies that I now teach, and developing the infrastructure of this business, and that investment also has paid for itself.  If you want your life to change, it’s flat out foolish to try to do it by yourself.  You cannot see your own blind spots. Those who think they “already have it all figured out” are the ones who would benefit most from my programs. You have no idea how much better your life could be if you learn my method.  Invest in yourself. Speaking from my own experience and the huge results I’ve helped my clients get, you will not regret it. But you are always responsible for your own choices, so only YOU can decide what coaching program is right for you. Personally, I trust my intuition to help me make this kind of choice.

p.p.s.  A reminder that the current prices are introductory prices.  Those of you who’ve been following me for a while know that the prices WILL go up, and eventually I’ll probably transition out of private coaching altogether.  Your life isn’t getting any better by waiting to sign up for these opportunities.  The time to sign up is now.

p.p.p.s  If you haven’t yet taken my phenomenal 15-Week Miracle Program, and you’d like to commit to combining the entire slate of programs into a nine-month intensive preparation for your brand new HBR coaching career, email me for “bundling” options at (serious inquiries only, please).

About the Author:

Erika Awakening is a Harvard Law School graduate and former practicing attorney. She left the rat race to become a location-independent entrepreneur, holistic life coach, blogger, speaker, healer, and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT tapping) expert. Erika Awakening is one of the world's foremost experts on eradicating limiting beliefs and lifestyle design on your own terms. Learn more about Erika Awakening

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