We interrupt the Vegas Guy Seduction Series for this very important public announcement … :)

I loooove talking about money on this blog because so many people are too scared to talk openly about money. There are so many bullshit money conversations going on in this world (one of the most common being “I can’t afford it …”) that it’s a topic dearly in need of being addressed with honesty.

Someone submitted this comment on the coaching page of my site:

Personally I think what you have to offer may be very valuable, because EFT works..no doubt. I also think if someone takes your course they WILL improve, their life will change and they will achieve results they want.

I disagree though, with charging more than other EFT practitioners, for which they can get the same results. I’ve spoken to practitioners who offer 150~/hour, and are negotiable for different people in different situations. (College kids); The only downfall I would give to other practitioners is that they don’t specialize in pickup terminology and understanding guys dating frustrations. Otherwise, I see your program as wayyy too much. I’m sure it works great, but the price? Fuck it, I’d purchase 45 sessions @ 150 then 16 @ 6k;

Perhaps you should focus on getting actual funds from somewhere else, and offering more affordable healing services? It is one point for someone to ‘pay’ for something that is of value, and to be okay with that; It is another to charge a sixth of a persons salary a year, and COMPLETELY INACCESIBLE to younger people that could use it.(college kids on foodstamps);

Just critical thoughts from a ‘hater’.


Emwih’s comment raises several common misconceptions about my coaching that I’d like to address here … so here goes:

1. Holistic Belief Reprogramming is NOT Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or plain old tapping.

Emwih says he disagrees with charging more than other EFT practitioners. Emwih, I am not like other EFT practitioners. EFT is a powerful tool, but just like a laser scalpel, it is only as good as the surgeon who is using it. Most people using EFT are using it in a very piecemeal and ineffective fashion.

My revolutionary coaching system of Holistic Belief Reprogramming goes waaaaayyyy beyond typical EFT practice. I have created an entire system that views each person’s belief system holistically. I understand how one area of your life that is messed up (such as financial) is affecting another area of your life (such as dating). I understand which beliefs must be erased, and which ones must be implanted, for you to have sustainable results. Other practitioners do not offer this holistic approach.

Because my approach is so revolutionary, it WORKS MUCH FASTER than plain old EFT/tapping. As a result, my sessions are WORTH MORE. See, for example, what this client said about time and money in his review of my 15-week Miracle coaching program:

I think you could charge double what you are charging and it would still be worth it
1. You saved me lots of time where as other coaches & products wasted it (Time is the most precious thing there is.)
2. By helping me get out of my own way so quickly, I know I am going to make a TON of money this next year to come:)

How often do you see reviews on a multi-thousand dollar coaching program saying that the coach COULD CHARGE DOUBLE AND IT WOULD STILL BE WORTH IT?

(Read his full review Erika Awakening Coaching Testimonials and Reviews. Read more about my 15-week Course in Miracles here.)

2. My coaching pays for itself

My coaching consistently pays for itself when we work on financial issues during sessions. I have posted several articles on this blog documenting specific results of specific clients. The reason people don’t have money doesn’t have to do with what’s going on “out there” in the world. It’s perfectly possible to thrive financially even as a college student and even in the midst of a recession. All that is required is removing internal financial blocks about deserving-ness, etc. For an intro to my approach to Abundance issues using HBR, How to Attract Abundance EFT tapping audio.

3. My 15-week Miracle program comes with a Money Back Guarantee

This means that if you choose to work on financial issues during our program, and the program does not pay for itself (which has never happened yet), you can have your money back. You have absolutely nothing to lose. The truth is that, for many people, this money thing really is just an excuse not to do something that would actually work to solve their problems ;)

4. For committed people, I am willing to do payment plans

This is on a person-by-person basis, please inquire at Erika@ErikaAwakening.com.

5. The only way I can give 100% to my clients is to charge the rates that I do.

Emwih’s suggestion that I make money some other way and lower my rates would detract from what I’m currently able to give to my clients, which is my full presence and energy. I would be depleted. Besides that, there’s another important reason not to lower my rates. Thinking that you “can’t afford” coaching is a disempowering limiting belief … it doesn’t serve anyone for me to pander to that belief. People who recognize the value of coaching and INVEST in themselves are going to get better results. I personally invested tens of thousands of dollars learning how to do what I do, and you are also benefiting from my massively expense Harvard Law School education, which I use to understand your belief system and get you much faster results.

This truly is an example of YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR …

So … that’s the scoop. The bottom line takeaway here is that my coaching is in fact MORE VALUABLE than other coaching. Pays for itself, money-back guarantee, results more spectacular than any other system I’ve seen. I’ve worked with some people who spent thousands and thousands of dollars on therapy that got them nowhere, and we are able to resolve the issues they spent years on in just a few sessions …

When you add it up, my coaching system is FAR LESS EXPENSIVE in terms of your money AND time than other coaching options.

The choice is yours. I urge you to make the least expensive choice and sign up for my 15-week program NOW. :)

Here’s the link: http://www.spiritualseduction.com/erikas-15-week-miracle-coaching-program