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prayers for healingGoing further today with the question of values and boundaries, I am responding to a question from someone who emailed me. This is someone who used my How to Attract Money with EFT Tapping quite a while ago, made a ton of money using it, and then complained when asked to pay the nominal membership dues to stay in our private Facebook coaching group. As if healing is some kind of entitlement that does not require him to support the people who offer it. He never did return to the group nor make the commitment to learning the many other aspects of my Holistic Belief Reprogramming system … so now when he needs those skills, he does not have them.

This is a situation where, it may sound “harsh” to some people, but it is very clear to me that the greatest value I can give is by having strong boundaries. Strong boundaries does not mean, by the way, shutting him out. It means communicating my values in a way that he can understand why I am saying “no” to his request and what he can do to turn my “no” into a “yes.”

He wanted me to surrogate tap for a family member of his who went to the hospital. And he wants me to create an entire 30-Day Challenge – which requires a MASSIVE investment of time and money on my part – to help a friend of his. He’s not offering anything in return. This is my “tough love” response (removing details that would make the identity obvious).

Hi [Name Omitted],

Sorry to hear about your [family member]. I certainly am asking Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael to be with her, which you can do as well, because they have no time/space restrictions. There is nothing quick about an effective surrogate tap. It would require you to look at the unhealed parts of yourself and is a good topic for us to do coaching sessions which are available here –

As for [the other person you mentioned], your concern about him also suggests that you need to learn these skills yourself. Asking others to support your prayers is one thing. Asking others to do the healing you ought to be doing yourself is, in my book, not how we do it. I told [my customers] that the last three Challenges I released (anger, guilt, and worthiness) would be helpful for addictions because those are the emotions that drive addictions. [The best possible route this person could take is to sign up for those three Challenges: Anger Releasing, Worthiness, and End Guilt & Self-Punishment]. I don’t do co-dependency.

For both of these situations, the big question in my mind is why you have not come back to the group and made the commitment to learning the skills that I teach. You made plenty of money using what I taught you, and in my world, part of the money you make needs to go back to the healers to support us financially. My biggest challenge right now is getting a LOT more people learning these skills, and that includes you. I am not here to heal the world by myself. I’m here to teach the skills so you can do it with me. Not to mention that my biz requires the financial support of its beneficiaries to do well and expand.

Wishing a speedy recovery for your [family member] and hoping you are finally going to step up,


One of the biggest reasons that healers struggle financially is that people who need the skills do not make it a priority to invest their money in healers. And meanwhile, the people who need to learn healing skills so they will have those skills in an emergency are not learning them. To me, this is totally unacceptable (and I’ve written more about it here). And I am not going to participate in this dynamic. So if you are sincere about wanting the people in your life healed, it is time to put your bullshit and excuses aside and step up to the plate, GENEROUSLY.

Thanks for your understanding.


Erika Awakening, High Priestess of Miracles here at TAPsmarter

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