Intro Session with Erika + Abundance Audio Takes JD from $800 to $3000 for the week …

How is your relationship with money? Do you and money get along well?

Does money have your back, meaning that it shows up when you need it, seemingly out of nowhere?

I have a very happy relationship with money. I did not grow up with money. In fact, my mom has one of the worst “scarcity mindsets” I’ve ever seen. She was constantly saying that there “wasn’t enough” to go around and putting guilt trips on everybody for wanting anything that cost money.

Then I went to college, where for the first time in my life I was living with people who had grown up in wealthy families. I also worked as a waitress at a nice restaurant, and saw well-off families come in for nice dinners. I noticed how different their relationship was with money, how they never seemed to be worried about spending it, how they seemed to be enjoying their lives in a much more relaxed way than my family ever did.

And so I engaged in a practice that has served me very well over the course of my lifetime: I let go all my family’s limiting beliefs about money and instead modeled my attitude about money after the people who HAD money.

As a result, I have ended up living a life that was unimaginable to my parents, with no unsecured debt and lots of wonderful opportunities that my parents said we “couldn’t afford” while I was growing up. This has led to a very expansive-feeling life, where anything is possible, and it feels great. I have traveled all over the world, spend my winters skiing at Squaw Valley, and have noticed that when I need money, it always shows up, sometimes in very unexpected ways.

The Universe loves giving to me, and I love receiving from it.

Now, I contrast this to the attitude and patterns I see in many people who email me. Some of them think they “can’t afford” my coaching rates. Or much else for that matter.

I am here to tell you: That “can’t afford” attitude simply is not true. What is needed for the people who email with such a scarcity mindset is a realignment of their beliefs about money. When the beliefs are realigned properly, money is a lot like love. It is meant to flow freely, both in and out of our lives. Circulating in an un-stagnated way like Chi (life force energy).

In that spirit, I wanted to share with you a spontaneous (unpaid) testimonial that I received yesterday from JD, who is a great guy and also one of my clients. (He gave me permission to use his words here.)

JD came to me frustrated about money issues and feeling a lot of anger. I asked him what his goal was, and he said to take his income from $800/week to $3000/week. Other people in his “niche” make $3000/week, but that did not seem fully possible for him.

During our intro session (you can sign up here:, I helped JD clear out old negative beliefs and memories about money that were standing in his way. He listened and tapped along to his free audio from our session twice, and he also tapped along to my Abundance audio (you can purchase it here risk-free:

What I want to emphasize here is how JD’s investment in Holistic Belief Reprogramming (HBR) PAID FOR ITSELF.

* JD’s total time investment in HBR: around 4.5 hours
* JD’s total money investment in HBR: a few hundred dollars

This is what he reported to me yesterday, as he made his goal, for the first time, of $3000 for the week (note that is $2200 higher than his usual week, FAR EXCEEDING his investment in HBR):

“Hi Erika, First of all Thank you for taking the time to do the EFT session with me.

[Erika note: you can sign up for your discounted intro session here:]

“I just realized how much you put yourself out there during the session. To feel what the client feels being there Fully Present.

“Wow! What HEART! Felt even bad part of the session knowing you are almost like a recycler taking all the negative vibes/hurt/thoughts/pain and cleaning them out with your Presence.

“Also wanted to update you, I did the recorded EFT tapping session 2x and while doing it, I felt nauseous and even threw up. Yet my throat feelings much more clearer. Also did the Abundance Audio Tapping (Finally listened to it fully since I purchased it months ago lol)

[Note from Erika: you can get the audio here at zero risk:]

“And well I’m sure it was a combination of both just wanted to inform you that I Reached my goal for the week of making $3000. Almost seems surreal. And just a ‘coincidence’ yet I feel there was more to this than what my logical mind is trying to make of. Thank you.”

Thank you, JD, for letting me share that with the rest of the world! People need to know how easy it can be to turn their financial picture around.

Please notice that JD spent less than only a few hundred dollars on HBR, yet his return was over $2000. That is the intention that I set with all my clients who work with me on financial issues — that your coaching with me WILL MORE THAN PAY FOR ITSELF.

If you would like to turn your financial situation around, FAST, take these TWO simple steps right now:

1. sign up for personal sessions with me here, your intro session is only $397:, and

2. sign up for my new 30-Day Abundance Challenge here: How to Attract Money

I look forward to helping you turn your finances around to having maximal abundance all the time :)

About the Author:

Erika Awakening is a Harvard Law School graduate and former practicing attorney. She left the rat race to become a location-independent entrepreneur, holistic life coach, blogger, speaker, healer, and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT tapping) expert. Erika Awakening is one of the world's foremost experts on eradicating limiting beliefs and lifestyle design on your own terms. Learn more about Erika Awakening

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