Integrating the Shadow: Erika’s promiscuous phase begins …

Waiting for J to arrive for our evening of tandem sarging, and …

All right, well, enough talk of Shadow Selves and electric fences.

Sometimes if you want a change, you gotta shake things up.

If I’m going to integrate these unhelpful karmas and get past this crap, then I’m going to need to do what I did with every other area of my life that got cleaned up …

Face the Dark Side head on …

Thus, I am declaring celibacy over as of tonight.

Keep your double standards to yourself. If we’re going to have polyamory, that means the women are going to be polyamorous, too (it’s simple symmetry, Burning Man Guy, so please keep your “he’s just going to be jerking off inside you” comments to yourself, lol — perhaps you are projecting :-p).

Plus, after my request for tandem sarging partners, I received offers from four different guys who are all outstanding prospects.

So … this means … I’m setting an intention to have sex with five guys in the next month.

Phew, that feels edgy even saying out loud.

But sometimes to integrate the Shadow, we have to go to the opposite extreme for a while.

I also feel kinda excited. Between now and Vegas, these are some very hot guys :)

Mmmmm, this could be fun. Stay tuned … ;)


Oh, and I need your support, dear blog readers. Do you realize how easy it’s going to be for me to chicken out if I don’t have your support? So please … make yourselves useful … help me conquer my fears … :)

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  1. Gayla D'Gaia says:

    Another sexy freak is born every minute!

    Love to you!

  2. Sound outrageous Erica, let me know what actually goes down in the end and if you nees some advice on immunity against chicken-pox…

  3. Dear Erika,

    I accept your slut-january challenge. As an additional stipulation, neither of us shall be allowed to either sell our bodies or purchase sex, only new partners count, and only intercourse counts as sex.

    I would wager that the chance of me reaching 6, with my standards, to be about 4:1 against…. depending on motivation


    I've so enjoyed reading your celibacy/non celibacy no condoms exploration entries for the past few months, it's inspired me to really get clear on my own choices and look closely at what my actions are actually saying, it's been profound and I'm SO happy to hear of you totally shaking it up like this, your courage enliven me! YAY

  5. Well Erika don't get me wrong but it just seems like excuse to blow off some steam.

    But hey I am not judging do what you feel will make you happier either promiscuity or celibacy.

    Anyway enjoy this sarging.

  6. peter-anthony says:

    Hi…love what you're doing, it's the future

    if i can just add…five guys should build in some great karma for you to continue to build on…sex and promiscuity, what a wonderful thing

    and i think you shud fall in love with all of them for who they are…not doting…

    Good luck and i look forward to reading of your wonderful progress to a higher

  7. lol, I thought you were the pro-sex one, my dear.

    I figure five guys will help me clear out five lifetimes' worth of karma, and I won't fall in love with any of them …

    plus I gotta push the edges here. this tiptoeing around this stuff isn't helping anything. stuff doesn't get cleared unless we face it straight on …

  8. LOOOL!

    Erika I feel sooo amused.

    I don't 100% support this. Maybe like 90%… or 70%

    I feel jealous of the opportunity to find 5 guys sexually attractive and available and desire having sex with them

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