I’m on strike, God

Dear God,

I deeply appreciate you sending me some tech support. I feel delighted by this gift. Thank you :-)

That said, I also asked for a partner.

This is to let you know, God, that I am officially on strike now. I’m tired of doing this work by myself.

I’m not going to do anything but the basics of subsistence until you send me my holy relationship. I realize this holy relationship won’t be exclusive, and that’s okay with me. But I’m tired of doing this spiritual teaching by myself. Try as I might, my entire self is saying “no” to the current situation.

I’m ready for my holy relationship. If you don’t send it now, I will understand. You are far wiser than me. But I won’t be doing anything further until it arrives.

Thank you for considering my request.



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  1. This is some kind of joke that I don't get, right?

  2. Willard,

    Bless your heart.

    "Ingrate" is a judgment and therefore meaningless. No one can agree what it means.

    You have only one relationship, and it's with God.

    "Call on your brother's name and God will answer, for on Him you call. Could He refuse to answer when He has already answered all who call on Him?"

  3. Thanks for the support, everyone.

    Nothing is wrong. Everything is perfect.

    I did dig deeper. I always do.

    Trust the process :-)

  4. Willard Libby says:

    You seem like a bit of an ingrate.

    "GOD" didn't get you the mac, some guy did. You need to thank him not some imaginary entity.

    What if you do get some special guy, and not the typical douchebags you hook up with, and he turns out to be less than you had hoped for.

    Who are you going to blame then? God? Satan?

    Forget about then men. Cats,

  5. Professional Ninja says:

    I wish you the best of luck with this Erika.

    I have hoped for a long time to have a business partner I can rely on and a close friend. For years, those who I held close ended up making life much more negative than positive.

    Sometimes you have to keep going before you are granted such an offering, like a test to see whether you are worthy of the gift. (not saying you are or

  6. Watch Finding Forrester

    Pay attention to how the characters are not sticky sweet but real in what they say to each other… look at the mutual benefit that they create because they dig deep, open their hearts, tell the truth and keep going.

    Then, get back to me if you sense anything about how this is connected to your prayer.<

  7. wow the blog is yellow! or did it just turn yellow for me! i like this color… it feels feminine! oooh feels good

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