"I fell in love with you in 10 minutes"

If you missed the Vegas Guy Seduction Series, it’s time to catch up now by going to this link:


Now I want to share a very touching text conversation he and I had yesterday, starting somewhere in the middle:

Him: I read what you say.

Me: I love you.

Him: Do you know what that means.

Me: Yes.

Him: It means for better or worse and we never give up.

Me: Yes.

Him: Ok, I fell in love with you in 10 minutes.

Me: And as for sex [picking up earlier thread], I believe we can go together to a deeper place than either of us has ever been before.

Me: You mean 10 minutes when we met?

Him: I know … By far and never come back the world has lost us.

Him: 10 minutes was the potential realized over time, understand?

Me: I’m confused … “the potential realized over time”?

Him: I thought you were special … You proved it in time … I love you. Understand?

Me: Yes :)

Him: K, you are the one I want to spend my life with.

Me: Yes :) I feel glowing inside.

Him: I love you it should.

Me: :) So many people focused on the body and think it can get them close to someone.

Me: What feels amazing about us is our communication.

Me: To me that is intimacy, and my body follows it. Am I making sense?

Him: Our physical [sex] will be immaculate perfection because we didn’t focus on it … It came about as a result of our intimacy.

Him: Lol I just got your text same time.

Me: yeah :) lol


I have no idea what will happen with Vegas Guy. Perhaps we will end up being friends and never physically together. And, still, this connection sure feels lovely :)

If you want to learn how to fall into lasting love within 10 minutes of meeting someone, lol, make sure to check out the series of how he and I met:


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