How EFT tapping helps solve the problem of procrastination

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Those of you who saw my recent interview know that I shared a little secret on the tapping video that most practitioners do not realize about the problem of procrastination. Procrastination is one of these issues that people can tap on for MONTHS without having any real shift because … procrastination is NOT the real issue. And if you don’t know how to look at a person’s life and belief system holistically as HBR does, you could tap for YEARS without making any real progress on the issue.

So here is another success story. Ben is a student in my 15-Week Miracle coaching program. He completed session #3 yesterday.

When he found me, he already knew how to tap the “traditional” way, and he had got some good results.

But you see, he had run into a common problem among people who attempt to tap on their own. He had been procrastinating for weeks about getting his resume ready so he can begin job hunting. And … worse yet … he had not been tapping on his own for this issue … most likely because he was procrastinating about resolving the procrastination. Lol :)

You see how the ego keeps us on the hamster wheel? The same mechanisms that it is using to sabotage our life it also uses to sabotage the ways that we could fix our life. It’s absolutely a no-win situation.

Which is why committing to a program like my 15-Week Miracle coaching program is such a powerful thing to do.

And why I am so firm about requiring commitment from my clients. Because otherwise the ego is going to find ways to prevent you from succeeding.

Anyway, I digress …

In my session with Ben, we did not tap on procrastination directly because that doesn’t work. Instead, I asked him dozens of questions to clarify the real core reasons he was procrastinating. And we tapped on those issues. I also advised him what issues to continue tapping on after our session was over so that he could get an even more dramatic result.

Lo and behold, I was very happy to receive this email from Ben today (which he gave me his permission to share with you):

Hi Erika,

Just thought I’d update you after our session yesterday.

It’s not often I’m really amazed by tapping these days, but seriously – wow!

I’m re-doing my CV just now and I’ve almost redone the entire thing in an hour where previously I couldn’t seem to get started at all! And it felt ridiculously easy to do! And I’m really happy to say that for the first time in years I’ve got that lovely feeling of excitement when I look at it, like “how could they not want to hire this guy!” LOL so thanks a lot!

After we hung up the call yesterday I continued to tap away the sadness and anger emotions I was experiencing over my past career experiences. I discovered a lot of the anger was towards former colleagues and also myself and this was combined with sadness and disappointment, hopefully the vast majority of which has been cleared now.

I also explored what I perceived was a perfectionist streak and uncovered memories of my father asking me why my grades weren’t all As and criticizing why certain things I achieved weren’t “perfect.” This my inner self then took to mean that I had to be perfect and do things perfectly, which I then did some tapping on.

This seems to have massively helped today as not only have I done the work on my CV but I’ve also been markedly more productive with my studies and other general tasks today, which is fantastic! :)


Totally awesome — I *love* miracles :)

Think how much faster you can have more money, more happiness, and more enjoyment in your life when procrastination is no longer standing in your way …

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