“God is trying to sell you something …”

Annelene Decaux posted this on my Facebook page, and I absolutely love it …

I will think of this quotation every time someone talks about the “scientific method,” about all the “evidence” they have for why life “just is the way it is,” about the necessity of “hard work and suffering,” about having to “pay the price,” about “not having enough money,” or when they make excuses for why they “can’t” do a good coaching program right now …

I will think of this quotation every time I encounter poverty or scarcity mindset in any form, and whenever I encounter criticism, skepticism, or doubt about my method, my intentions, or my prices.

“We should make all spiritual talk simple today:
God is trying to sell you something,
But you don’t want to buy.
That is what your suffering is:
Your fantastic haggling,
Your manic screaming over the price.”

~ Hafiz via Matt Lyon via Annelene Decaux

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