How to Attract Money – Attracting A Brand New MacBook Pro Computer

Notice how when someone gives us something really generous, it inspires us to give too? I was reminded of that this week.

Here’s what happened. Two days ago my computer crashed. Almost simultaneously, my Spiritual Seduction website went down. Not good news for a blogger girl. If you’ve been waiting on emails, Skype, or blog posts, please be patient with me.

Perhaps you’ll recall that I had already asked God for help with technical support issues. To the untrained eye, my computer melting down (and simultaneously my website having issues) might look like setbacks.

But not to the eye trained to look for the miracle behind the misfortune. Not to the Jedi mind. It’s such a habit for me now … ah, something “bad” happened, I wonder what amazing surprise God has in store for me.

As for the website issue, Christopher Clai, a guy I met at the 21 Convention, had it back up within hours
I recommend him highly for his expertise with technical issues. You can see his website here. He has fixed several stubborn technical problems for me in very short order.

As for the computer issue, well, Mysterious Benefactor Guy tonight dropped off, at my doorstep, as a one-hundred percent no-strings-attached gift, a MacBook Pro. He also gave me a package to go into the Apple store to receive one-on-one training, a three-year Apple Care contract, and Office for the Mac.

Thank you, MB Guy :-)

Ask and you will receive. Especially if your asking is Erika Awakening Coaching Testimonials & Reviews.

Which means, at this moment, I am typing on a brand new computer, and not only did I not spend a penny, I didn’t move an inch.

These, ladies and gentlemen, are the miracles that will start happening for you ALL THE TIME when you get on your path and clear out the blocks that are stopping you from having everything you want.

Feeling deeply inspired by this gift, I now want to “pay it forward.”

As an expression of my gratitude to Mysterious Benefactor Guy and the Universe, I am going to offer Emotional Freedom Technique for How to Attract Money sessions to at least three people at whatever price you feel you can pay given your life circumstances right now. This means that if you’ve been feeling like my EFT work is “out of your reach,” this is your chance. All you need to do is email me at erika.awakening @ with one paragraph explaining why you would be one of the people to benefit most from this offer, and what you feel comfortable paying, whatever that is. Feel free to offer other, non-monetary things as well, such as “I can pay $50 and I’ll also help you find a new dating website where you can talk about EFT.” Whatever feels good to you. This is my way of giving it forward. If demand is high enough, I may offer this to more than three people.

If you can afford my rates, please allow people who may be less financially comfortable than you take advantage of this offer.

Take advantage of me now, while I’m feeling generous :-)

It’s your choice. Are you happy with your belief system, or do you prefer a belief system that creates miracles for you and those you love on a regular basis?

How will you give it forward today? :)

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