Where are you focusing your attention?

Today I almost dedicated this post to the Ladies out there in Blogland, and then I realized that this post is for everyone …

It’s been quite an interesting month. I’ve been transitioning into my new life, and the reactivity of several people to my new-found freedom lets me know that I still have some feelings and residual guilt to clear to become fully congruent with this freedom. I’m so accustomed to the workaday world that not being there anymore feels … delightful, strange, mildly uneasy, peaceful, quiet … and like exactly what I’m meant to be doing.

Mr. Reactive Quixote continues to fight windmills in his posts, and I am given the challenge of how to respond to that. Whereas in the past, I’m sure I would have felt compelled to argue with him, right now I mostly don’t feel like responding at all. It doesn’t seem worth the energy.

I felt bemused, as I skied the face of Headwall on a Thursday, with absolutely perfect conditions and a bluebird sky, realizing that I have indeed manifested the life of my dreams … and I asked myself this question: “how is it in a world of so much goodness, where everyone can have everything that their heart most truly desires if they simply commit to having it, that anyone wastes one moment on negativity?”

Intuition reminds me: Sometimes people create drama and negativity because this is how they learned to get attention from their parents as a child … we call it a secondary benefit … and as they are not benefiting anyone, including themselves, sometimes the best response is to remove the secondary benefit …

Intuition also reminds me: It is also worth being conscious of our own tendency to get drawn in to drama and negativity … including the “news” … and remember that what is focused on expands … so let’s keep our attention on all that’s good and right and worth appreciating …

And today I’m not getting drawn in. I returned home where my brother was watching the news coverage of Japan, and I thought to myself, “A billion wonderful things happened in the world today, and where does the media put the focus? On disaster.”

Anyone who knows anything about manifestation knows this is the WORST possible thing the media could be doing. And yet, it had no power over me. My inner state wasn’t affected. In fact, the newscasters’ voices seemed far away and almost mechanical, like computer generated noise. They had an air of unreality to them. I could empathically feel the fear in their voices. They talk so fast. Where does all that urgency come from? But I was not identified with the fear. I stood apart from the fear.

I reminded myself of A Course in Miracles, Workbook Lesson 14 (“God did not create a meaningless world”) … and I said to myself,

“God did not create this tsunami, and so it is not real.”
“God did not create this nuclear situation, and so it is not real.”
“God did not create death or suffering, and so they are not real.”

And yes, I’m well aware that Mr. Reactive Quixote and some others out there will be deeply “offended” by what I just said. They will accuse me of being callous and cold and unrealistic.

Just remember that what you focus on expands, and if you are focused on terror and death and tsunamis, you are not helping anybody. In fact, you are probably making the situation worse, but don’t worry, it’s not real, so it’s only an illusion of making it worse.

This is how perception works, folks. If you want more goodness in your life, start focusing on goodness. Start seeing it everywhere. That is how you can help the people in Japan. Tap for them and start envisioning miracles. Like that baby who survived. Keep your focus on that, on the resilience of the human spirit.

I even see goodness in Mr. Reactive Quixote because he is giving me an opportunity to practice staying in my joy and my confidence regardless of external circumstances. He gave me an opportunity to get present with how I was responding to things like people posting their limiting beliefs on my Facebook Wall, and I found a new way to center myself that is non-defensive. It’s quite magical, actually, to be able to keep my energy open now in situations where I was shutting down. This was a global pattern that I needed to resolve, and now I see my way out of it :)

“All things work together for good.”

Yes, I am changing. I have softened. I have learned.

Another thing I notice is the total de-glamorization for me of physical sexuality. It used to be this glittering object, and now when I read about how many women a man slept with, I just feel nothing. Maybe a hint of sadness, because I know it won’t bring him enduring happiness. But then faith pops back up and says, yes but it’s a stepping stone for him. He’ll see soon enough that what he thought would bring him happiness doesn’t bring him happiness, and he’ll move to the next level of consciousness. So it is helpful after all. And in truth that’s always the value I’ve seen in the community — is that it helps men get on the track to being real men. Eventually that path turns away from the body and toward the spirit, and we all need bridges to get us there.

My own evolving consciousness is now being reflected in some new communities I’ve been getting involved in recently. One is the Tapping Summit that I’ve already told you about … another I haven’t revealed yet. But you’ll likely be hearing about it soon because I’m so impressed by their audios and their coaching and their community that I’m considering promoting their products and events.

What I’ll tell you for now is that after experiencing so much skepticism, ridicule, doubt, and fear about my stated desire to manifest my permanent partnership, I have finally landed in a community that has none of that negativity. Instead, their attitude is “of course.” And I feel like I’ve come home to what I always knew, that I can and will have the permanent partnership that I’ve been envisioning, and that everything that has happened thus far has been paving the way for his arrival. There’s certainly a lot more room for him in my life now, with no more “workaday” job, closets cleaned, geographical flexibility, and my new softness. And of course the stability of the relationship depends on my ability to stay emotionally centered, so resolving that piece of defensiveness that I mentioned above was essential …

Someone even called me the “devil” last night, and I felt no emotional charge in my body. I started laughing, and then I teased him about it. It has become almost impossible to take any form of negativity seriously, and that may perhaps be my most empowering transformation of all :)

I feel so excited for the manifestation in physical form of my deepest desire :)

Many of you who read this blog are in a process of becoming more empowered manifestors. Recent events provide an excellent opportunity to remind yourself to keep your attention focused on goodness.

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