Flirting makes a comeback … and announcing the 2011 PUA World Summit :)

Hey, if you missed the last post about the Perfect Seduction videos, be sure to get them here: … to be clear, these are NOT tapping videos — this is over an hour of pure content teaching you how to master the art form of non-verbal seduction

And speaking of which, something very interesting has been happening the past few weeks …

I’ve had a lot going on in my life, and about the last thing on my mind is flirting or sex …

Yet something has happened, and a whole bunch of guys suddenly started hitting on me again.

It feels a little like when I first started my blog, and I had dozens of guys emailing me, texting me, asking me out, wanting to get into relationships with me …

It just goes to show you that for both men AND women, seduction is much less about what we do and say, and much more about this intangible thing we call “energy” or “vibe” …

It’s good timing, though, because I’m happy to announce that one of the most exciting events of the year is about to happen again:

The Pickup Artist World Summit

In glamorous Hollywood, California, the weekend of September 24-25, 2011.

And, yes, I will be speaking there again, for the third year in a row.  Along with dozens of seduction gurus, including my dear friends Vince Kelvin (who has been on FIRE lately) and Hypnotica, among many, many others …

Not only are the speeches excellent, we will also be going out in field, and it’s basically the biggest party of the year.

So you simply MUST be there :)  Get your tickets here:

The Pickup Artist World Summit

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