5 Reasons to Find Yourself in the Lost City of Petra, Jordan

lost city of petra

The fabled Treasury in the Lost City of Petra, Jordan

Disclosure: We received a complimentary stay at the Mövenpick Resort Petra just outside the Lost City of Petra in exchange for our honest review.

Ever since I can remember, I wanted to visit the fabled Lost City of Petra in Jordan. Since I was a little girl, I have felt intrigued by ancient ruins. I’ve been to Machu Picchu in Peru, Pompeii in Italy, Angkor Wat in Cambodia, Chichen Itza in Mexico, the Coliseum in Rome … And when visiting each of these ancient wonders, I felt a strong connection to the places … as if perhaps I had lived there myself in a past lifetime.

I had seen the magnificent photographs of Petra and longed to experience the Lost City of Petra for myself. So when I vision-boarded my dream Mediterranean itinerary last year … the Lost City of Petra was at the top of my list of amazing places to see.

And yet … how was I going to get there, to the Lost City of Petra, halfway around the world from my home in California?

#5 Reason to Find Yourself in the Lost City of Petra – Conquer Your Fears

lost city of petra

Riding a donkey in front of the Treasury in the Lost City of Petra

Many of us have something that holds us back from travel … Whether it’s money or responsibilities at home or lacking for a travel companion.

In the case of visiting the Lost City of Petra in Jordan, for many people the stumbling block is FEAR. Tourism has declined sharply in the past few years in the Middle East due to political issues and fears.  And yet this is very sad. Because the truth is that statistically speaking, the odds of any traveler having a negative experience in Jordan or Israel or Egypt is very, very low. And what kind of life are we living if we cater to our fears? This is why I have worked so much on my fears with my healing method.

In 2013, I traveled solo for 12 weeks through Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and five countries in Southeast Asia … In 2015, I had decided that I did not want to travel alone again … I wanted a companion … but how would this happen and with whom?

Well, if you’ve been following my blog for any length of time, you probably already know how I solve problems like this … with my advanced version of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT tapping). You can learn this technique with my best selling EFT tapping video products here.

When we use EFT tapping at an advanced level to address our fears … sometimes we manifest the most amazing miracles. And we manifest miraculous ways to overcome our fears and limiting beliefs … which leads us to …

#4 Reason to Find Yourself in the Lost City of Petra – Make New Friends and Travel Together

lost city of petra

We befriended this puppy, whose fur was turned pink by the rose-colored dust of Petra. Aren’t these red colors beautiful? Photo by Raphael Alexander Zoren.

Every problem has a solution, if we are open to receiving the answers. What is the solution to lacking for a travel partner? Make new friends!

And so it was with this journey. I had a Facebook friend Raphael Alexander Zoren who is a very successful travel blogger for Journey Wonders. As the months passed, we began to have a deeper friendship. He made me laugh a lot, at a time in my life when I was not laughing enough. He helped persuade me to to become an ex-vegan.

Raphael Alexander Zoren was traveling in Romania this spring and invited me. I wanted to go but was not able to work out the arrangements at home.

And then he told me that in late May, he would be visiting Jordan. Ah … yes, I’ve always wanted to go to Jordan. To the Lost City of Petra. To be honest, the political fears were not a factor for me. I consider any possibility of something “bad” happening to me while traveling to be remote and absolutely no greater than the chances at home in the United States. So I was thrilled for this opportunity to travel at very low cost.

This Mystery Man of Wonders invited me to come to Jordan with him, and I said yes. I liked how we communicated. Even before I arrived, we were able to talk through many issues about the trip and reach agreements that made both of us happy.

Did I mention that he makes me laugh? Every day … :)

#3 Reason to Find Yourself in the Lost City of Petra – Pamper Yourself at the Mövenpick Resort Petra

Yet the journey became even more amazing when I learned where we would be staying. Due to his high-profile success as a travel blogger, Mr. Man of Wonders was able to arrange for us complimentary stays at the gorgeous Swiss chain of hotels called Mövenpick.

Mövenpick Resort Petra buffet

An example of the lavish buffets at Mövenpick Resort Petra

I had never stayed at a Mövenpick hotel before, and I was in for such a delightful surprise at the Mövenpick Resort Petra. The first thing that must be said is location, location, location … The Mövenpick Resort Petra is literally right across the street from the entrance to the Lost City of Petra. As far as convenience goes for exploring the beautiful ruins, it does not get any better than this!

Then let’s talk about the food! If you explore the Lost City of Petra by foot as we did, you will walk many miles per day in the hot sun. You will work up quite an appetite. We walked many miles each of the three days that we explored Petra.

(By the way, it turns out if you buy a three-day ticket, the fourth day is free. I wish we had known that ahead of time because it would have been wonderful to have another day to explore the Lost City of Petra.)

And much of that walking over the course of three days is vigorous climbing of steep staircases and over rocky trails to the best viewpoints. We were thrilled to nourish ourselves every morning and evening from the Mövenpick Resort Petra “all you can eat” breakfast and dinner buffets.

If you are thinking that a “buffet” is Las Vegas style and poor quality food, that could not be more wrong. We enjoyed custom made-to-order omelettes, an endless selection of pastries, meats, fish, delicious falafel and hummus, and new selections each day and night.

lost city of petra, movenpick

Sitting in the beautiful lobby at the Mövenpick Resort Petra, moments before we embarked on our adventure in the Lost City of Petra.

The service at Mövenpick Resort Petra also was exceptional. One day Raphael Alexander Zoren was exploring the ruins on his own and missed breakfast. As the minutes ticked by, our waiter Ibrahim noticed my anxiety. He asked “where is your husband?” When I told him my concern that Raphael would not make it back in time to have breakfast, Ibrahim went out of his way to let me prepare plates for Raphael and get it up to the room with a hot pot of coffee. It turned out that Raphael did not return for several hours, but he was very happy to see delicious food awaiting him in our room. Ibrahim also helped us arrange affordable transportation from Mövenpick Resort Petra to Mövenpick Resort & Spa at Tala Bay (look for our next article) at the end of our visit. I cannot say enough about this helpful service!

#2 Reason to Find Yourself in the Lost City of Petra – Get Out of A Rut

If I am really honest, I had been feeling in a rut at home before this trip. I found myself doing the same things day in and day out, and was feeling restless. Let’s face it … there is nothing quite like travel to an exotic destination to break out of a routine and get a fresh perspective on life.

Especially if you are traveling with an amazing and fearless new travel companion :)

I am feeling happier and refreshed now that I got out of my rut and onto an airplane for the long flights around the world to meet my new friend and this beautiful new country. The Lost City of Petra in Jordan.

I recommend it. You know you want to come here. Do it. Put all the excuses aside … and do it.

#1 Reason to Find Yourself in the Lost City of Petra – Fall in Love on the Best First Date Ever

lost city of petra

Taking a rest in the hut high above the fabled Treasury in the Lost City of Petra. Photo by Raphael Alexander Zoren.

Whether you’re meeting your love for the first time, or planning your destination wedding or your honeymoon, or you’ve spent a lifetime together … I can’t think of a better place to fall in love than the Lost City of Petra. (With another few days in Aqaba at Tala Bay, but we will save that for the next post lol ;) ).

I spent many years teaching men how to be more attractive to women. We coaches taught countless men how to create memorable dates that would set them apart from the crowds of boring men and boring dates.

Why just ask her to dinner and drinks, and have the same old boring conversation … when you could invite her to the romantic, mysterious, magnificent Lost City of Petra … and fall in love with each other and with life in the most magical way?

Every moment of this trip to Jordan and the Lost City of Petra has been full of delightful romantic touches, fascinating history, vivid and beautiful culture … dramatic changes of scenery … deep conversations over wine and delicious Middle Eastern cuisine … and yesterday I realized …

This is by far the best first date of my entire lifetime. We are about 12 days now, and counting … and it just keeps getting better …

Much of this is because my travel partner is such an amazing person … He is after all the Man of Wonders … but it sure helps to be in such a magical, romantic, captivating place like Petra and Jordan and the Mövenpick resorts.

What special person in your life could you surprise with a beautiful holiday to Petra and Jordan?

I promise you … it’s the journey of a lifetime ;)


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