Erika’s New 15-Week Miracle Coaching Program – Learn How to Do What I Do With EFT

Hey everyone,

In response to several requests I received from people who wanted to learn to use What Is Holistic Belief Reprogramming? the way I use it, I have created a new coaching program. I already have two confirmed signups and potentially a third, and there are only so many people that I can give this kind of focused attention to at any one time, so if you’re interested, please email me as soon as possible at

Why is it that many people try out What Is Holistic Belief Reprogramming? and don’t get lasting results or any results at all? They are not using it in an effective way. Period. EFT works. If it didn’t work for you, then you didn’t get to the core, root issues that are causing your problems.

This 15-week program will go way beyond basic uses of EFT. My intention is to teach you the entire framework within which I use EFT, which is a very deep understanding of how people’s belief systems operate, and how that creates their reality.

If you’re anything like I was a few years ago, you may be very frustrated with all this Law of Attraction, “create your own reality” stuff. I tried the affirmations and the visualizations and hypnosis and various forms of coaching, and nothing was working for me. My life was rife with conflict, and I seemed to be perpetually stuck in a place that didn’t feel very good. I felt isolated and disconnected, and things seemed really hopeless. Lots of people promised they could help me, but I’d go to them with a specific problem in my life, and they were full of well meaning but ultimately unhelpful advice.

My problems didn’t get solved until I came up with my own comprehensive method for solving them. It took me five years to develop this. I took the best that each teacher had to offer me, discarded everything that didn’t work, and found a way to integrate it all together. This approach is in no way limited to the dating/relationship arena. My two confirmed signups are going to use this method to coach actors and musicians and to start a new business. Once you learn my system, you can apply it to anything.

My system does not involve manipulation of any kind. It is based in radical honesty and transparency. It is based on the idea that our subconscious mind will not allow us to receive things, such as money or an abundant dating life, unless what we receive supports the highest good of everyone involved.

The only thing standing between you and everything you want from life is fear. As we erase the fear (and the limiting beliefs that support that fear), what you want will naturally be attracted into your life. This is a course in creating miracles (which are actually done through us and not by us), and once you learn it from me, you can then use my method to transform your own life and to coach others in whatever life arena you choose.

Here is a sketch of how a 15-session course (with 1.5 hour sessions) will look. Because this will be the first time I’m teaching it, we’ll need to be somewhat flexible about the schedule and follow intuition about possible adjustments. I envision part of our sessions would be pure teaching by me, and part of it would be me doing actual EFT with you so you can see how the techniques work in action. I envision email support from me and you practicing with yourself and others between sessions so that you can put the teachings into action. This will help cement the knowledge.

Here’s the sketch of the 15-week program:

1. Opening up the Possibilities
– intention of creating the life of our dreams
– congruence
– downward/upward spirals and why/how they happen
– full self-responsibility for everything we manifest
– all creation starts inside and is reflected in the world we see as projection
– giving away our power vs. staying in our power
– the Miracle mindset (my work is deeply influenced by A Course in Miracles)
– Ultimate Truth Statements and tail enders
– Higher self and ego
– Tapping in to our intuition

2. Crash course in non-violent communication and its application to EFT
– feelings/needs language
– how being in tune with feelings and needs will assist your sessions
– your comfort level with all feelings, no matter how intense, is absolutely essential to your success
– how being in tune with feelings and needs (rather than strategies) opens up the possibilities of fulfillment by the Universe
– EFT as super-powered empathy (what I really hear behind what you’re saying is ….)

3. Presence and the transformation of feelings
– how we use our bodies as energy transformers when working with clients
– all problems are a disruption in the flow of universal life and healing energy (judgments/fear/shame/hiding/etc)
– there are only two emotions: love and fear
– the problem with judgments; how we transform judgments with EFT

4. Limiting beliefs
– how beliefs are created
– Life experiences, the earlier the better
– Trauma with a capital T and lower case t
– I can’t do this because ….
– Stories we tell ourselves (victim/hero/conqueror stories = ego)
– The importance of our interpretations
– Fear of failure/fear of success
– Guilt, attack thoughts, and self-punishment
– Personal Peace Procedure

5. Understanding stuckness: Inner conflicts
– the word “should”
– inner conflicts and congruence
– tapping all sides of a conflict
– understanding the “inner committee” and the “outer committee”
– how to resolve inner conflicts
– win/win orientation versus guilt

6. Understanding stuckness: Secondary benefits
– why people want to keep their problems
– understanding the main forms of secondary benefits
– sneaky saboteurs (“Deep down, I don’t want to succeed because …”)
– how to resolve secondary benefit situations and get people unstuck using EFT

7. The power of body awareness, part 1: body as metaphor
– using EFT with an understanding of the messages our body is giving us

8. The power of body awareness, part 2: Pain, Sickness, and Suffering
– chasing the pain with EFT
– chronic pain
– the gifts that pain has to offer us, seen correctly
– pain as a symptom of inner conflict, judgment, shame, etc.

9. Understanding addictions

– coverups for pain
– hamster wheel patterns
– loss of presence fuels addiction
– how to handle addictions using EFT

10. Dissociation/suppression/difficult-to-identify issues
– the pain is too much
– disconnected from the pain
– don’t want to remember/can’t remember
– how to bring this stuff up
– how to handle large traumas
– the importance of meditation
– the value of provocation

11. The Shadow Self/Mirroring Patterns
– a topic unto itself
– not being afraid of bringing up big stuff to be resolved
– comfort with transitional discomfort
– dissolving karmic loops (“I don’t understand why this same awful thing keeps happening to me over and over again …”)
– how to recognize and handle mirror patterns

12. Patterns of hiding and shame: how to bring clients to transparency and spontaneity

– anything people are hiding or dissociating takes tremendous energy
– anything they are hiding is not working for them
– how to shift these patterns so people feel comfortable being transparent and spontaneous

13. Enlisting the Help of the universe: nobody has to do any of this all by themselves
– this involves me teaching a lot of my secret advanced EFT techniques that make all this work MUCH easier
– this will be a fun, playful session

14. Advanced EFT techniques and EFT expectation management
– stories people tell us
– past lives
– birth trauma
– clearing from all perspectives
– right/left brain integration

15. Concluding session: helping clients get in touch with their Dharma
– or covering whatever we think is best to wrap up

When I started to write this all down, I realized the knowledge is so vast that I’m not sure we can cover all of it in 15 sessions, but this will be a wonderful start at least, and I feel confident that especially with additional email support and follow-up I can guide my students in applying this very effectively with their own clients and students.

Once you’ve learned the techniques with specific examples, it becomes very easy to expand to other areas. You’ll see — it’s very exciting!

I am offering this 15-week program for the same price as Erika Awakening Coaching Page, which is $5000. I envision providing a lot of email support and resources between sessions to enhance your knowledge. Again, I will not be able to accept many more students into the program, and I expect the prices to go up the next time I teach it because this knowledge is worth far, far more than what I’m charging for it. So if you’re interested, please email me as soon as you can at

The best part of the program is that while you are learning my method, we will also apply EFT to whatever issue you decide to put as front and center, and we’ll clear out your limiting beliefs about it. So this program serves two purposes: learn my method and work toward whatever is your most important goal right now :-)

About the Author:

Erika Awakening is a Harvard Law School graduate and former practicing attorney. She left the rat race to become a location-independent entrepreneur, holistic life coach, blogger, speaker, healer, and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT tapping) expert. Erika Awakening is one of the world's foremost experts on eradicating limiting beliefs and lifestyle design on your own terms. Learn more about Erika Awakening

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