Cool orgasmic discovery

Justin and I have been hanging out, and a lot of energy is coming up to be cleared for me, which is good. I noticed feeling blocked this morning, not much sensitivity and so forth.

On pure intuition, I started using some acupressure on one of my meridians. Presto — the energy opened right up, all the way from flushing my face down to my toes. Swirling kundalini energy and much higher sensitivity.

Made for a very nice orgasm :)

And you thought spiritual stuff wasn’t practical.

So good morning everyone, lol, hope your day started as sweetly as mine …

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  1. Gayla D'Gaia says:

    I guess I get to talk to you now! Congratulations Erika! I'm very grateful to know you and share this path of discovery with you!

    Always here for you…


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