Communication games – try it, it’s fun!!

So do you have any relationships in your life that are just a huge pain in your you-know-what? You groan every time you hear from this person, and if you do communicate, it turns into the same old battle or go-nowhere conversation it always did in the past?

Frustrating, right?

Why not turn it into something fun?

Let’s face it, we are not a very powerful person if we are not capable of turning all of these situations around. To the extent it’s about “them” rather than about us, we are just giving our power away.

I have seen many relationship situations turn around just by shifting how I respond to someone. If the pattern has always been A, B, A, B, A, B, and then communication cut off angrily …

what would happen if instead of you playing the “B” role like you always do, you suddenly throw in Q or G or R? A cannot continue to be A unless you continue to be B.

This short little post can change your whole life, if you let it ;)


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Erika Awakening

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