Cockblocked by a Sex Coach ;)

Last night was really hilarious.

I had these big plans to have sex and more …

And then … just the day before, I had just been thinking of Destin Gerek (from Erotic Rockstar), and yesterday out of the blue I received a text message from him wanting to talk with me.

Destin called me early evening, said he’d been reading my blog posts, and questioned whether it was really a good idea for me to be doing my casual sex challenge.

I ended up not having sex.

The guy I was going to have sex with was a good sport about it. He thought it was hilarious that he had been cockblocked by a sex coach.


Destin is going to be in Vegas with us too. I wonder if he’ll be acting as the angel on my shoulder :)

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  1. Okay I did have to laugh at this. :)

  2. Sid here…

    Good Choice. It would be nice to see a revision post on your 5 lays in 1 month mission, however. What's your stance now?

    It's always about a balance, isn't it? Perhaps, your celibacy is an extreme, and perhaps stuffing 5 strangers into a month is the other end of the spectrum.

  3. Gayla D'Gaia says:

    Yes! I did… trying to write just before heading out the door at 6:30am this morning… Opps!

  4. Gayla,
    I'm confused, did you mean to post this comment on the other post?

  5. Gayla D'Gaia says:

    I wanted to thank you for writing this post.

    I've sat with this one for a few days… I don't think that unless it was for your writing these posts that I would ever be able to see what I've been caught in clearly enough to be able to face what's really happened.

    I think I would believe all the garbage a con man has to say because, unless you stuck it out

  6. Gayla D'Gaia says:

    Hi Erika!

    I'm so glad you had super support on board from Destin!

    I'd like to cultivate that emergency warning system for myself…

    You deserve to have a lover who can take the time to honor himself and share himself with you authentically… to show up for you as you express your commitments… and do so live and in person… moment by moment…

  7. HUmmmmmm… I'm so glad to see the level of high quality support you received from Destin… we just became FB friends…

    I support his advice and that of people who encourage you to be discerning about who you have sex with. I'd say that most of what I learned recently taught me that I need to have the same kind of brothers in my life who stop me and make me check my

  8. 5 hearts in 1 month!?

    Jesus. That's 10 bottles of wine worth – at least.

    Its difficult to find people you can truly count on. Good friends are rarer than good lovers.

  9. Hey D.J.,

    Thanks for commenting. It's not about guarding. It's about being more honest so everyone can make good choices for themselves.

    And yeah, body and heart can go together. But body without heart, which is what many people are doing … no thanks.

    It's also about creating the life I really want, which for me means a permanent partnership with

  10. Why all this separation in the first place. Why is it either bodies or hearts?

    What exactly is the required amount of time spent before sex is not casual.

    To me sex is never casual. Even if I just met my partner. Why put conditions on my heart?

    Reality is not the stories we tell ourselves. We can change the stories. That is supposed to be a big part of

  11. hey SMoKeLioN,

    Nah, I'm not really interested in bodies coming together … only leads to pain.

    I'm far more interested in hearts coming together.

  12. I thought January 1st on counted :O?

    Not ALL single guys are trying to fuck you Erika, but I'm sure you know that. Still I'm wondering if you ever feel something honest and comforting in meeting strangers who would only want you for one thing. Part of the joys of traveling.

  13. Condoms and body paint …


    LO fucking L :)

  14. I agree with Destin. Whoever this guy was clearly was there just to get in your pants. You need to find someone with their stuff together who's sure to make your next sexual experience a good one.

    I mean, I have all the faith in the world, but San Francisco is full of weirdos, and you don't want to go to bed with the first guy who shows up with condoms and body paint, y'

  15. Hey Destin,

    Thanks for your comment. The blog post was very much tongue in cheek, like much of my writing.

    I am well aware that you are looking out for me as a friend, and I really appreciate it. Obviously you were expressing something that resonated with me, because of course at the end of the day I make my own decisions.

    Thanks for commenting, it's always

  16. Destin Gerek says:

    Since you've taken this public…

    Erika, I'm not here to talk you out of anything. I'm not here to talk you into anything. I am here to be of support to you in being clear on what it is that you really want, and to support you in actually getting it. I'll ask you questions more than I'll tell you answers.

    Our lives have been orbiting around one

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