Clearing Oedipal rage …

All right. This blog, which has always been edgy, is about to get edgier :) :)

First off, a miracle has happened in my relationship with Vegas Guy. (Some of you may recall him from the seduction series I wrote last summer … if you missed it, make sure to catch up by clicking here.) As to whether this miracle means that he is, in fact, my life partner, stay tuned …

Second, using What Is Holistic Belief Reprogramming?, I shifted something big inside myself tonight, one little connection made in my mind while tapping … and a huge trove of anger — which had been nagging at me for months — disappeared in an instant.

The little connection reminded me of a BIG issue that has come up for myself and my clients over the past couple years, and that is the Oedipal complex. You think it’s just an old myth or an obscure Freudian theory? Think again. I have found Oedipal complex issues to be deeply embedded in guys’ approach anxiety, and both men and women’s relationship issues. And when I say deeply embedded, I mean deeply. Such that if you don’t have an effective means of cleansing your subconscious mind, you are probably sitting on a nuclear bomb’s worth of anger without even realizing it.

Tonight I took the basic Oedipal jealousy issue one step farther, and linked it back to how absolutely horrific it felt to grow up in a household run by an exclusive sexual relationship, i.e., to the problems with monogamy that I discussed at length in the monogamy series at the end of last year (you can read here about feeling done with monogamy).

And now I see, this was one of the final keys … to unlocking the Matrix. A Course in Miracles was correct when it said that, until you let go of the special relationship, you won’t be able to let go of the rest of the ego’s thought system.

And here’s where it’s going to get edgy, so opt out now if you don’t want to look at this yet …

Exclusivity breeds jealousy and hatred. Imagine how it must feel for a baby to be born and then symbolically exiled to another room, to sleep alone, while the parents engage in exclusive fornication in a closed bedroom, and then this continues for another 18 years until the kid moves out …

Intellectually it is rationalized, but to a child’s mind it makes no emotional sense. And it feels like what it is … abandonment.

Talk about teaching SEPARATION. What kind of love is this? This is not love. It is hatred. All forms of exclusivity are hatred.

All this to say, if you want inner peace, I highly recommend tapping on Oedipal issues. You may insist that you are not sitting on a nuclear bomb’s worth of rage, but you may just find yourself surprised … in fact, I can pretty much guarantee you are going to be surprised. So many of my clients initially came to me saying “I’m not angry,” and I say, “Really? You’re not angry. I see.”

A few weeks into our program, most of them end up saying, “Damn, I had no idea I was so angry.” And as the anger releases, they get their vitality back. They get their joie de vivre back. They get their power back. Universally, this is what happens.

Never has it been more clear to me that I will not be having any more exclusive relationships. Nothing could be farther from the meaning of God’s love than exclusivity. If you don’t love everyone equally, you don’t love anyone.

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