Something fun for cat lovers

For all you cat lovers out there …

I am just finishing up the 30-Day Fun & Happiness Challenge and wanted to share something fun …

Am also starting to record the upcoming 30-Day Internet Marketing Challenge (we have mobilized in my Facebook coaching group and have a wonderful crew for our official Pajama Party – ready to make at least $1 Million in our pajamas – read more here).

Well, my cat Fritz has always loved to be the center of attention. But I never would have predicted when I began doing videos how much he would want to be in the videos. He really is a natural.

Here is a photo of Fritz and me recording Day 1 of the upcoming 30-Day Internet Marketing Challenge:

Pretty cute, huh? Some people might think it’s “unprofessional” to let my pets be in my videos, but hey, those people need to lighten up and see the Oneness in everything. Haha, I’ll be sharing more updates about the upcoming video products starring me with my Angel Wings and Fritz very soon.

Stay tuned!! :)

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  1. I like it when people use their kids, pets or significant other in their videos or photos because it helps me to relate to them, they are real. If everything is always picture-perfect that doesn’t feel realistic to me and I almost feel a bit disconnected from the person too.

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