Becoming Fearless Day #4 – Letting Go of Social Anxiety

let go of social anxietyOne of the reasons that many people do not want to travel alone is that they are scared of meeting new people. So they think traveling alone means doing everything alone or feeling lonely. And yet, the answer to these fears is so simple: meet new people along the way.

The first night that I arrived here at Samasati Nature Retreat in Costa Rica, the restaurant was “dead.” Oh sure, there were several couples eating at tables, but it was very quiet and separate. None of the tables were talking to each other. And I sat at my own table and ate alone.

Everything changed the second night … :)

As I described in this article and this article, on Day 2, I started meeting some of the people staying at the hotel. By the evening of Day 2, five of us ate dinner together, and it was really fun. I did wait to be invited that night.

On Day 3, I recorded Video #4 for the brand new 30-Day Becoming Fearless Challenge, and in this powerful EFT tapping video I addressed social fears. Then I did yoga and breathing, and by the time we had dinner, I was inviting everyone in the entire hotel to join us :)

overcoming social fears

More new friends at Samasati

Last night, this socializing expanded even further, as some new couples had arrived at the hotel by dinner time. I went table to table again, and invited each couple to join us because I knew otherwise they would assume we were a large party and they would not feel welcome. All the couples joined us :) Someone had got a $9 bottle of Jose Cuervo Silver in Panama during the day, and by the end of the night, we were all doing tequila shots together lol :)

Mind you, I am the only non-coupled person here. Did this matter? Not in the slightest! It’s just a matter of letting go of fear and limiting beliefs about what is possible.

So I started this trip traveling “alone” – and now a few days into the trip, I have close to 20 new friends. I was invited by several couples to do activities with them, and if I had wanted to, I could have had company pretty much the entire time I am here.

So much for being scared of traveling alone lol :)

If you are still living with social fears and have a hard time seeing yourself bringing together a large group of “strangers” like this, then it’s time to let those fears go. Join me for this journey and get the 30-Day Becoming Fearless Challenge on pre-sale NOW. I will be releasing the first set of EFT tapping videos shortly, and the price of the product will go up after it is officially released. So get it now HERE.

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Erika Awakening, High Priestess of Miracles at TAPsmarter